#EthicareRemedies Seren Extra Mild #Shampoo with UV Filters

Ethicare is relatively a new name in the blog world. It is a company that believes in bringing the best quality product with best pure ingredients to its customers. They offer quite a wide range of innovative product range for dry skin, oily skin, anti ageing, skin lightening, Hair care products & Skin cleansers to its customers. Here is my review on one of their shampoo.



Mild & gentle cleansing with additional conditioning & moisturizing.

· Cleansing with nourishment & protection.

· Gives lusterness to hair.

· Increases manageability.

· Compatible with all hair growth medicines.


Polycot-10, Blend of conditioners and moisturizers, UV filters.MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT

I started using this mild shampoo around 2 months back. My hair is giving me a tough time as I am facing dandruff and hair fall issues. I needed to change my usual hair care regime and wanted to try some new products and so gave this mild shampoo with less chemical ingredients list a try.

The shampoo is a white colored product with a mild scent. It comes in a squeezable black plastic tube with a flip-open cap that allows for easy storage and dispense of the product. The packaging allows the use of needed quantity of product only and no leakage/wastage happens. The pack contains all the necessary information regarding the product.

I have used this shampoo twice a week on oiled and dry hair both and have seen similar results. The shampoo when diluted in water lathers really nicely (irrespective of hair oil) and provides proper cleansing effect. The hair gets squeaky clean later. The shampoo gives a nice bounce to the hair which I like and adds a bit of shine to my dry hair.The mild scent totally disappears once the shampoo is washed off. I don’t mind nice smelling hair but the scent in this case won’t last. I won’t say that you can do away with a conditioner later. I have dry hair and a conditioner/serum is a sort of must for me on washed hair and the same goes with this shampoo too.

It did help in curbing the dandruff issue I faced but did not help in reducing hair fall. So I stopped using it after 1+ month. Now I am using this shampoo on my 4 yrs old son and am quite happy with the result. As this shampoo is mild, little is needed for his hair, lather is good, and it doesn’t sting the eyes too. No dryness or dandruff or any other problem is seen later so I am happy with it.

Summing up the pros and cons for this –


· Cheap

· Quite natural

· Mild shampoo as it doesn’t sting the eyes

· Lathers really well

· Provides a good cleansing effect.

· Adds a nice bounce to the hair

· Helps to curb dandruff to a good extent

· A little goes a long way.

· Good packaging.

· Can be used on kids too.


· Mild scent that doesn’t last after a wash

· Doesn’t help in solving hair fall issues.

· Makes hair dry so a conditioner/serum is needed later.

SUMMARY – A good everyday use natural shampoo that will provide a good cleansing effect to your hair adding a little shine too. Best for normal to oily hair types is what I feel.

PR Sample. Honest Review.

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