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This is the first time I am writing for Health and Beauty and it feels great to write for a fellow blogger friend because I strongly feel that blogging is about sharing one’s passion and also creating a friendly circle where each of us shares our views with the other! 🙂 Thank you so much Revathy, for giving me the opportunity of reviewing some products in your blog.Before I begin the review, I would add a few extra points about my skin type because it will then be easier for you to decide whether you would want this product for yourself or not.

Age: 25

Skin type: Normal to Dry (More on the drier side in winters)

Complexion: Medium to fair with strong yellow undertones (MAC- NC35-37)

Skin issues: Otherwise problem-free and not acne-prone but there is a pigmentation around the mouth which makes the area darker than the rest of the face.



– INR 295 for 20 gSHELF LIFE – 3 years

It comes in a nozzled squeeze tube, encased in a purple colored carton.
First things first, the term “fairness” or “lightening” in skin creams have always scared me. Yes, my mom did a very good job in making us believe that any cream which claims to lighten skin tone NEEDS to be avoided because it contains bleaches 😉 We have been habituated to use homemade cleansing ubtans and packs every day since childhood and have gorged on fruits for having a problem-free skin. But although my skin never gave me any worries (touchwood!), but maybe due to lack of sunscreen usage during schooldays (We didn’t even know what is body lotion until I reached high school! It was always oils massages before bath for us), the area around my mouth had darkened. And this remains till now. So when I received this product I thought of giving it a try only on this darkened area.Texture and Color – It is bright canary yellow in color and looks granular when squeezed onto the palm (Almost like the texture of a haldi besan ubtan). But the granules don’t feel on the skin and blends in smoothly. The cream is not at all thick and is a cross between a soufflé and a gel.

Fragrance – It smells of sweet citrus- Love it!!Upon application – On my dry skin, it “seeps in” thoroughly without leaving any greasy residue. Skin feels moisturized for two minutes after application but I have to follow it up with a moisturizer since my skin begins to ‘scream’ for more moisture :-/ So you can say that this will be perfect for normal-oily or combination skin.

Another thing to be noted is that, this cream leaves quite a visible “yellow” tinge for some time after application. It was visible even on my predominately yellow skin, so fair skinned ladies with pink undertones would not particularly like this.I have been using this cream in the area around mouth for more than two weeks now (morning and bedtime) and it did not break me out.

Now for the most important part: did it work?? Well, disappointing you all, it did not! I agree it’s a very nice textured cream with a very nice fragrance, but sadly it did not lighten my pigmentation to much extent. If I notice too hard, I can say that it has lightened a teeny-tiny bit and maybe (with all optimism) it just MIGHT work with prolonged use, but it has not immediate results.So now, summing up:

The ‘YAY’ factors

1. Nice light textured cream

2. Good fragrance

3. Handy squeeze tube

The ‘NAY’ factors

1. Expensive for many (Two weeks and my tube is almost empty)

2. Does not do what it claims

3. Strong yellow after-tinge which might not appeal to everybody

4. Prolonged usage required to see resultsI hope this review will be helpful to you all..I will be back with more product reviews soon. Thanks once again for reading! Love you all <3

By Aparajita.
HnB Edit – Nicely and honestly reviewed dear! 🙂

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