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I am beginning this review with a question: How many hair products have you used till date which claimed to reduce hair fall, increase hair growth or perhaps give you that “dream like” soft smooth hair? Ummmmm…. Lost count? Trust me, I am in the same boat. (Wink wink!)My hair type can be summed up with the line “You get good things in ration” 😉 What I mean by this is that my hair quality is extremely soft and silky but sadly, there is NO volume at all L My scalp is oily and that adds to my hair woes because an oily scalp weighs down hair and the crown area looks even more flat. Sigh! So I am always looking for products which increase hair growth.

Having tried many products in the past (some of which worked a bit and some which went to the bin), I finally had the opportunity to try this product called Foligain. Read on to find if it worked!




INGREDIENTS – Please refer to image below


-Safe and dependable hair re-growth treatment for both male and female pattern baldness

-Covers all aspects related to arresting hair loss and promoting hair growth

-With widely used ingredients in western countries

-Compatible with other hair products.



The lotion comes in a functional plastic bottle encased in a black carton. Nothing fancy about it. The bottle is travel friendly and does not spill contents when carried around.


Foligain looks like any normal white colored moisturizing lotion. I was skeptical with this kind of texture since I feared it would further weigh down my hair. And sadly, it did L. And that is why I have been using it just before bedtime everyday so that I can wash off my hair the next day.

I have been taking a small quantity and applying it with my fingertips all over my scalp every night.


Now for the million dollar question- did it work? Yes!

I have been using it since December almost every day and I see countless new tiny hair in my hairline. Hairfall was never an issue with me, but even the regular 10-20 strands that I could find on my hair brush has reduced to zero now!!!

And now I use this lotion even more religiously because of the positive results I see J Also, one bottle lasted nearly two months. So it is perfect for the price too.

Overall, I am really impressed with this lotion and I would definitely keep a stock of this in future too. I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5 J

Hope this review was helpful ladies! Thanks once again to you Revathy for letting me review such a wonderful product!

By Aparajita

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