#EthicareRemedies Cutishine Face Wash

I have combination skin. Around my eyes and nose I have very oily skin and my forehead, cheeks and chin it’s dry skin. I don’t get acne very often but my skin is not completely free from acne too. It’s really weird to be honest. I am always in confusion which product I should buy for my skin care due to this combination skin.

I started using Cutishine face wash around two months back and I am loving it. 

PRICE – INR 159 for 70 g

SHELF LIFE – 3 yrs.


Cutishine soap free face wash is a specially formulated gentle cleanser which combines natural AHA and BHA with special skin lightening actives; which offers synergistic action and stimulates shedding of dead skin cells there by rejuvenating and purifying skin; revealing underneath new radiant skin. 

Cutishine also cleanses excess sebum(oil), dirt there by helps to clear pimples. Tea Tree oil in Cutishine ensures anti-bacterial action against bacteria common to pimple prone skin. Cutishine also reduces superficial wrinkles, ageing sign and its skin lightening actives also helps to improve skin texture and complexion giving enviable glow to the skin.


The face wash comes in a transparent tube packing with flip open cap. I have travelled with this  and it didn’t leak or cause any mess.


The face wash is a thick liquid which has minute granules in it. However it doesn’t amount for a scrub, and it does the job of only cleansing and not exfoliation. 

It cleans the dirt and oil on the face properly and to some extent it helps to remove the makeup too. Waterproof makeup is not effectively removed though. 
I feel the skin fresh and supple, once I use this face wash. It does remove the oil completely off my face, but doesn’t make my skin too dry. However, the dry areas on my face feel a bit tugging or pulling since this face wash is specially for oily skin. 
It has not caused any irritation to my skin and have not broken me out till now. It does the job well and I feel my face brightens up instantly after use. The skin feels oil free for around 3 hours after the use of this product.

The face wash is not fragrance free. It reminds me of the Cinthol soap in red packaging. But the fragrance doesn’t stay for a long time after the use. They claim that it contains tea tree oil but I didn’t feel any tingling which I get when I use other tea tree oil products. 

I have got pimples while using this product so I can’t agree to the claim that it prevents pimples. But the use of this product has not caused any other skin problems for me.

Overall, it is a nice product but ladies with dry skin can avoid it completely because it tends to dry out the skin a little more. It is a nice product for ladies with oily skin and good for daily use. You can’t skip a scrub while using this product though it has some micro-granules.


1. Effective for oily skin

2. Removes dirt and oil effectively

3. Doesn’t cause any break outs

4. Doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin

5. Removes non-waterproof makeup

6. Good for daily use

7. Reasonable price

8. Travel friendly

9. Brightens up the skin


1. Doesn’t contain any mild scrub which would have been an added advantage

2. Is not fragrance free

3. Does not prevent pimples


Overall I am happy with the face wash. I would have liked a mild scrub included with it so that I could skip an additional product.

By Nisha

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