#EthicareRemedies Acmed Gentle Pimple Care Face Wash

A face wash is the most important part of your skin regimen as it cleanses your skin while getting rid of dirt and impurities from your skin. I have combination skin type so I keep changing the products depending on how my skin is behaving.

Today, I will review a lovely face wash from Ethicare Remedies which is a must have for people who have acne or pimple prone skin. This face wash came to my rescue when I was facing a lot of acne issues.


PRICE – INR 162 for 70 G

SHELF LIFE – 3 years

KEY INGREDIENTS –  Tea Tree Oil, Pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Aloevera.



The Acmed Gentle Pimple Care Face Wash comes in a tube packaging with a flip cap. The tube is transparent with the brand name written in purple. On the back of the tube you can find the ingredients, directions for use, expiry date etc. 

The packaging is simple but convenient. Since the tube is transparent, you know exactly how much of the product is left and when do u need to stock up.


Acmed Gentle Pimple Care Face Wash is a transparent face wash with purple colored pimple-care globules. The face wash has a gel like consistency. The globules are not at all harsh on the skin. Honestly, while using this face wash with the pimple care globules I feel like I’m receiving a very soothing massage on my face. 

Now, coming to the most important part… Does the face wash work? Does it live up to its claims? Well, it sort of does! 
Its a face wash that claims to remove excess sebum (oil) and it does. The face wash gets rid of all the excess oil on my face and keeps my face oil-free for a pretty long time. It contains tea tree oil and everyone knows the benefits of tea tree oil. 
The face wash has definitely help me get rid of the little acne that I keep getting on my face. It reduced the redness and within 3 days of using this face wash twice a day…. My face was free of acne! And after a week or so they were back again. 
I can say that this face wash does help in getting rid of acne/pimple – though it doesn’t control them popping up again! You can’t expect this to be a miracle product – but I can definitely say that this has worked better than most face washes I have used!

One thing that I dislike is the fragrance of this face wash. It has a strong fragrance just like any medicated products. It reminds me of hospitals… that is the biggest con of the product. Sometimes in the morning I just don’t feel like using this product because of the fragrance.

The ‘YAY’ factors

1. Simple and convenient packaging

2. Soap free cleanser

3. Contains tea tree oil

4. Helps get rid of excess sebum

5. Reduces the redness on face

6. Regular usage of this face wash for 3 days, led to my face being acne free

7. The pimple care globules seems very nice on the skin

The ‘NAY’ factors

1. I would have preferred an entire ingredient list instead of just the key ingredients.

2. I dislike the fragrance

A new face wash that lives up to its claims is a must have! Perfect for those with oily skin, as it keeps the excess sebum in control. All those who face acne/ pimple issues will love it. Which face wash can help u get rid of acne in three days? If you can manage with the fragrance I think this is a must have face wash.

By Karishma.
HnB Edit – Sounds awesome that it can steer clear of acne/pimple in just three days! Nicely reviewed gal.

PR Sample. Honest review.

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