Essential Oil Series – Rose Oil

Rose Oil
Essential oils are volatile compounds extracted from various sections of plants – berries, seeds, bark, wood, rhizome, leaves, resin, flowers, peel or roots.
The previous post was on Lavender Oil which is extracted from lavender flowers. You can read the same here:
We are initially trying to cover essential oils extracted from flowers to start with in this series.
Rose oil is also extracted from the petals of a variety of roses. They can be synthesized too much similar to the organic one.
Rose oil demands a very high price in the market due to very low content of oil present in each rose bloom and also due to the extensive extraction process involved to obtain it.

Pure rose oil is diluted with geranium essential oil to mitigate cost. Geraniol, is the main component in rose oil which is abundantly present in geranium oil. Some rose oil may contain upto 90%  geranium oil and only 10%  rose oil. That’s how rose geranium oil is born which is mentioned in most of the product labels.

Rose Oil – Uses
It is widely used in perfumery and skin care.
In skin care, it helps in moisturizing, firming, smoothing and repairing the skin. It also has a positive proven effect on soothing the superficial blood capillaries on the skin – thereby ideal for dry, mature or sensitive skin types too.
It has been used as a cardiac & digestive tonic in the erstwhile days and also has beneficial effects on emotional shock, grief, mental tension, irritability, emotional coldness and depression.
Roses are considered to be romantic and its oil is good for your love life too.
It works well for women suffering from menstrual problems and also is a boon for eczema and stress.
Rose water

Rose water is obtained after the distillation of rose oil. This too has a very sweet fragrance and is good as a facial toner and astringent – which cools and refreshes any skin type.

The way I see it:
I simply love roses and its fragrance too!
I have a lot many products in rose fragrance including – face wash, body scrub, deodorant, perfume, under eye cream; rose water & incense sticks too! J
I prefer to use plain rose water as a toner rather than toner products available in the market. Rose water fits the bill for me – by way of cost and less chemicals too.
I am listing out some rose oil or rose geranium oil – based products here which are worth giving a try if you too are a lover of roses and its fragrance!
Organic Surge Daily Care Face wash –
The above product is available almost in all online makeup and skincare shopping portals at discounted rates.
Health & Glow Naturals Radiance Turkish Rose Under Eye Cream – Available at H&G outlets
Yardley English Rose & Red Roses – Luxury soap & Deodarants
Facts for Fun:
It takes many pounds of rose petals to extract one ounce of essential rose oil.

Bulgaria produces about 70% of all the rose oil in the world.


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