Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules

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Coming to the post, today I am reviewing Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules. (Water please..:tired reading a long name:)

This is my first ever Elizabeth Arden product & came in my October Vellvette Box.

Price: INR 3830 for 60 capsules (Full size)

Shelf life: Not known.


Check out the below pic.


I got a 5 capsule sample pack of these, that came in a folded paper carton.

The carton is really cute in pale yellow. The picture below shows you how the capsules come in their full size packaging..

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These capsules are ideal for travelling too.. just throw a few into your pouch & you are good to go.. 🙂

Kudos.. I love it!

What the product claims:

From EA’s website-
These pure and potent capsules have been a bestseller for over twenty years. Filled with restorative serum, they support natural collagen levels and improve skin tone. Elizabeth Arden calls them their little miracle workers. Each capsule is filled with Elizabeth Arden’s patented CLX complex of ceramides and essential lipids. The formula works to re-texturize the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin appears smoother and noticeably softer.

How to use:

Apply in morning to cleansed skin. Twist tab to open capsule. Use fingertips to smooth the serum all over your face and neck. Use alone or follow with your favourite moisturizer or sunscreen.

The way I see it:
I was so very happy when I received these capsules.. c’mon its a luxury brand.. our elusive Elizabeth Arden.
5 capsules in 5 days are too less a quantity or time-frame to adjudge a skincare product.
Still I shall try to putforth my honest review here.
These capsules are basically tiny yellowish gold jars or potli like containers. One just needs to twist their neck to dispense the product.
Each capsule is meant for a single use – though IMO, these capsules contain serum good enough for 2 uses.
You can share this with your mom, sis or roomie everytime you use this or just splurge all of it on yourself only 😀
The serum inside is an oil in running consistency & is transparent in color.
It smells yuck.. i cant define the smell to you… but it isnt unbearable also. While applying to the skin,  I couldn’t detect any fragrance.
The first observation is that it makes the skin totally oily or greasy upon application – even on normal-dry skinned like me.
But give this serum some 5 minutes.. it just sinks into your skin effortlessly leaving no sticky feeling or greasy look on the face.
The skin is glowing and feels baby soft to touch – this is the most loved factor for me in this product.
One can continue with their regular moisturizer, few minutes after this serum sinks into the skin… though I don’t feel the necessity to follow-it up with a cream.
This serum provides enough moisturization to the skin & makes it smooth and supple.
Though the product mentions to use it in the day – I prefer using it in the night so that it can work its way well into my skin.
I have tried applying a night cream too upon this serum, and did not feel any oiliness or greasiness. Though, would suggest combination-oily skin people to skip this step.
Morning I woke up to smooth & glowing skin in all these 5 days 🙂
Though the product has “gold” mentioned in its name, there are is no gold shimmer or suspended gold particles in it.
Inspite of all these goodness this product has to offer, I would say your regular Vitamin E capsule can also do this.
Only when used in the long term, we would be able to really judge this product – 5 capsules is just not enough.
One con about the packaging is that – when you keep pressing the capsule to dispense product, it gets concave due to the thick rim n make its difficult for the little more product left inside to come out.
Still I am happy with the nourishment it provides to my winter skin & would recommend it to all, if you do not mind your wallet getting a little more lighter.
Overall, I loved using this product for the smoothness & hydration it provides to the skin, the packaging is pretty & functional but for the pricing.. .after all its Elizabeth Arden!
The ‘Yes’ factors:
  • Cute & functional packaging
  • Each capsule holds product for 2 uses
  • Smoothens the skin instantly
  • Makes the skin naturally glow
  • Ideal for travelling
  • Non-oily/non-greasy on the skin
  • Ideal for normal – dry skinned people
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Luxurious but expensive product
  • Oily skinned people may need to test before buying
  • Need to use in a long run to observe differences to the skin
  • Any other beautifying oil probably could also fit the purpose
HnB rating: 4/5
Repurchase? – Not in the recent future.. I am eyeing Oriflame’s Time Reversing capsules.
Recommend? – Go for it if your are willing to pay the price & use it in a long term to see visible differences.

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...