elixir shop hair fall serum linus review

Elixir Shop Hair Fall Serum | Review

I have been battling hair fall for a long time now.. lifestyle, stress and irregular hair care to blame! I always look for natural hair care products that actually work and offer results. Here is Elixir Shop Hair Fall Serum review, one of the products I have been trying since the past 2 months. Its also called ‘Linus’ and is a blend of hair beneficial essential oils.

To start with, Elixir Shop is a woman-powered brand that is completely into chemical-free personal care products using an effective blend of essential oils. They have a wide range of skin care, hair care and body care blends, pure essential oils and aromatherapy-based facial mists to cater to every personal care requirement.

Elixir Anti Hair Fall Serum review

elixir shop hair fall serum review

This serum is a blend of various essential oils that are specifically beneficial to the hair in promoting hair growth, reducing hair fall, stimulating hair follicles, etc.


elixir shop hair fall serum review

Essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Cypress, Clary Sage blended in coconut oil.

Now each of these essential oils are great for hair care as we all know and coconut oil in itself is a great nourisher and moisturizer.

The hair fall serum comes packed in an amber glass bottle with a glass dropper. This ensures the product’s efficacy and hygiene.

The serum is a transparent liquid with a very light pale yellow tinge and has a water like consistency.

elixir shop hair fall serum review

If you are thinking that the Elixir Shop Hair Fall Serum is just another leave-in serum, you are mistaken. This needs to be used at the time of hair wash.

Yes, as you wash your hair – you are supposed to mix few drops of the anti-hair fall blend to your shampoo, mix well and then work it on your scalp and hair as usual.

It blends well with shampoo and gets washed off easily too. It does not leave any greasy feeling behind nor does it affect the shampoo lather.

The amount of serum you need depends on the length of your hair. For short hair add about 4-6 drops of the product to your shampoo in the palm, mix and apply. For shoulder length hair, you need about 7-10 drops and if more lengthier, about 10-14 drops of the serum is required.

elixir shop hair fall serum review

If you tend to shampoo twice (when you have oil applied or feel hair is more dirty/greasy), you can add few drops to the first wash and rest to the second wash.

Now here is one mistake I did with the product, which may be a useful tip for the rest. The amount of serum not only depends on the length of your hair, but also on the volume of your hair too, is my personal assumption.

Like, I have shoulder length hair, but very thin and fine hair. As per instructions when I used about 10 drops during my first two uses, my fair felt very dry in spite of using a conditioner. I had to apply a lot of leave-in serum to make it look better.

The next time I used only about 6 drops – 3 drops each, since I shampoo twice. And this time, my hair was not dry or frizzy as before. I continue to use only 5-6 drops even now and it goes well with my length and volume of hair.

elixir shop hair fall serum review

You may not see results in the first 3-4 uses of this serum, but trust me – stick to it and you will slowly start seeing results. Personally, I saw results from around the 7th use or so. It’s just 3 weeks of using the serum twice a week and I think we all should be able to wait at least that much for something to work and show results.

Your hair needs to adjust to the new product, existing scalp residue needs to be get rid of for the serum to penetrate inside and help hair breakage and fall.

I would strongly suggest to use SLS/SLES free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner. SLS free shampoo do not build up residue in the scalp.  Your hair care products can penetrate and work better in this case.

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I used to see so much hair every where around me earlier, and it has reduced to good extent. I am not saying hair fall is completely stopped, but I can see a difference in the amount of hair on my comb or in the drain after a hair wash.

elixir shop hair fall serum review

Elixir Shop Hair Fall Serum comes in two sizes – 15 ml & 30 ml, so you can try the smaller variant to see if this product works for you.

Strongly suggest to keep the product away from direct sunlight, moisture and kids.

PRICE – INR 1000 for 15 ml; INR 1800 for 30 ml.

SHELF LIFE – 2 years from mfg.

AVAILABILITYElixir Shop Official Website

I have the 15 ml variant with me and am sure that it’s going to last me quite a few months. Its cost effective in that way, since we need only few drops a week.

Even if you are trying various other products for anti-hair fall, you can give this a try, since this is to be used differently and is also a wholesome blend of amazing essential oils good for the hair.

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