ELF Shimmer Eye Pencils

I had picked this ELF Shimmer Eye Pencils set in one of my Amazon purchases just to hit free shipping.I got these for USD 5 and on a good day one can cart these for as low as USD 3.5 from Amazon 🙂






A set of five shimmery, colored eye pencils. Each pencil comes with its own sharpener in the lid.

All the pencils are color coded as per the shade and are easy to identify. The lid is quite flimsy though and cracks or breaks when dropped.

The pigmentation of the pencils is quite good – two swipes deliver desired intensity. The staying power department needs a lot of improvement though – stay only for about 2-3 hrs. on my normal lids and starts to smudge and wear off.

These pencils are neither waterproof nor water resistant and hence wash off easily.

Being shimmery, these pencils are not also not suitable for waterline application.

There are a total of 9 shades available in this range with some really nice color options to choose from for colored eye pencil lovers.







I love all five of these shades, just wish they were waterproof and stayed longer on the eyes! I liked using these as eye shadows over a base, rather as an eye liner.

ELF Shimmer Eye Pencils Set is a bargain at five bucks with some amazing color options. Only wish they stayed longer and were waterproof too. 

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Your thoughts here...