Swatch Santa – ELF Cream Eyeliners & A Quick Review!

Eyeliners complete any makeup look. They have the power to pep up the whole face even without any makeup and make one’s eyes look open and wide.Gel/cream eyeliners are just the icing on the cake with their ease of use and creamy formula, that even a novice can rock some nice lined eyes.

Here is swatches of 3 ELF cream eyeliners if you are looking to add some more to your eyeliner stash.

ELF cream eyeliners are possibly the cheapest cream eyeliners on earth (priced at $3 each) and come in some amazing shades combined with superb, long-staying formula.



Heading to the swatches…



I love these! These are insanely pigmented and last pretty well for 7-8 hrs. on my lids. You can smudge these eyeliners quickly to get a simple but lovely smoky effect, which I prefer all the time to eye shadows.

The brush that comes with the eyeliner is not that great, so would suggest to use a good angular liner brush for your needs. Its too tiny to handle and the bristles head out in all directions.

BLACK – One of the blackest black shades you will get. Its a matte black (looks glossy here since I added couple of drops of baby oil to it).

TEAL TEASE – True to the name, its a perfect tease to your makeup up-do. A fresh and vibrant, almost aqua looking teal to perk up your day! It’s got some very fine silver shimmer that add dimension to the liner, but is totally wearable.

PUNK PURPLE – My favorite of the lot! A nice aubergine on days when you don’t want the same boring black on your eyes but yet don’t want to go bright with your eye colors. It just gives a hint of color pop to the eyes and looks great particularly on brown eyes.

These eyeliners tend to dry quite a bit, so if you are not a regular gel/cream eyeliner user, you might as well find them dried up after a few months of time.

Here is a quick, simple DIY on how to revive your dried gel liners – which might come handy with any gel liner you have!

ELF Cream Eyeliners are great affordable choices for gel liner lovers and is totally worth the bucks.

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