Dupe That! – MAC Ruby Woo vs. UD F-Bomb vs. L’oreal Pure Red Freida vs. L’oreal Lincoln Rose

A woman means business when she puts on red lipstick!And it ain’t easy choosing one! That’s some tough business too! 🙂

Getting one’s right red amidst the sea of pink-reds, orange-reds, brick-reds, neon-reds, blue-based reds, true-reds….. is indeed overwhelming and that’s simply why a woman cannot have enough lipsticks ever! Never!

Every brand has its cult red lipstick shade, but MAC Ruby Woo is the cult favorite of many red lip lovers and continues to be the “queen of reds”.

Every time a new red lipstick is launched, comparison to MAC Ruby Woo is inevitable! The sub-conscious immediately rings, “Is this a possible dupe to Ruby Woo?”

And then there have come a lot of red lipsticks that are or look quite close to this heart-throb red.

In this post, I am trying to compare a couple of other reds from my stash with Ruby Woo and let you decide which red you want to go with! 🙂


As you see from the post title,  I am going to be comparing MAC Ruby Woo with three other shades that are generally considered to be quite close or similar to it –

  • Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick – F-Bomb
  • L’oreal Paris Star Collection Pure Reds Lipstick – Pure Rouge by Freida Pinto
  • L’oreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick – Lincoln Rose

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick – F-Bomb

UD calls this lipstick a “classic red”, which it is! A smooth, creamy and pigmented lipstick from the renowned Revolution Lipstick collection.

F-Bomb being  a true bomb, is more gorgeous a red than MAC Ruby Woo in my opinion. Its creamy, slightly glossy look adds to its oomph factor!

L’oreal Paris Star Collection Pure Reds Lipstick – Pure Rouge by Freida Pinto

This collection comprising seven different shades of red endorsed by international stars for L’oreal, was a massive hit last year in India! These are of the same formula as the L’oreal Moist Matte range.

Creamy to apply and settling to a semi-matte finish, Freida’s Red appears very much like MAC Ruby Woo both in indoor and outdoor lights, may be a tad redder indoor personally to me!

L’oreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick – Lincoln Rose

This range of lipsticks gave L’oreal another home run, with their semi-matte finish. Lincoln Rose particularly gained a lot of attention, owing to the diva Aishwarya Rai rocking it in one of her red carpet looks in Cannes 2014.

Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’ – a variety of rose named after the US President is commonly is referred to as Lincoln Rose. This flower is a true red with some pink hues to it.

Likewise, L’oreal Moist Matte lipstick in Lincoln Rose too has some visible pink undertones to it – not really making it similar to MAC Ruby Woo, though it was popularly claimed so!

Who cares! This shade is a beauty in itself – be it a dupe or not to something else! 🙂




It has to be L’oreal Pure Red Liptick – Pure Rouge by Freida, that’s so close to MAC Ruby Woo!

You might get surprised that MAC Ruby Woo is not my top favorite red! I have very dry lips and inspite of all the lip TLC – I find the retromatte Ruby Woo formula very drying on my lips.

My personal favorite reds amongst these four have to be – UD F-Bomb & L’oreal Pure Red By Freida. Outside the ones swatched here another most loved red for me is LimeCrime Velvetine in Red Velvet.

I didn’t have Elizabeth Arden Red Door Liptick – Red in my stash back then when I was swatching these.. shall try to put up a comparison including that as well some day.

Hope you liked this edition of Dupe That! Shall be back with another soon! 🙂

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