#Dupe That – #Faces Ultime Pro Read My Lips Matte Lipstick Vs #MAC All Fired Up Retromatte Lipstick

We all love MAC lipsticks, don’t we? The variety and shades they offer are still unbeatable!And we all love to hunt for those perfect dupes to our beloved MAC lipsticks too! OOS and the price graph of MAC are good enough reasons to pin down dupes!

Presenting another “Dupe That!” post on the most loved yet elusive MAC All Fired Up!

MAC All Fired Up is from the permanent range of lipsticks. The finish is retromatte (read – mattest matte!)

Here is a perfect dupe for you from the Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lipstick range – Read My Lips!





The first set of swatches is in natural light whereas the second set is under indoor lights.

Faces Read My Lips is a BINGO dupe of MAC All Fired Up, if you see from the swatches!

The shade is a bright pink with red hues and brightens up the face instantly.

Personally, I love the Faces texture a lot more owing to its texture! Its creamy to apply and settles to a matte finish post application – no tug or pull required!

Both lipsticks are warriors when it comes to staying power. You need a proper lip makeup remover or effective cleansing oil that can do away with them.

While a MAC All Fired Up will lighten your pocket by 1450 bucks now, Faces Read My Lips is going to cost you only INR 550!

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? What’s your take?

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Your thoughts here...