Does Bio-Oil really work on scars & stretch marks?

Review by Christina.

Hey dear ones.. 

Bio-Oil is now officially & easily available in India both online & offline. Take a look at what I think about this much raved oil in this review.

I got hold of Bio-Oil three years back from the States. I have used about 2 bottles and this is the third one. 
I never thought of reviewing it because it was not available in India but now that it is…here is the review.



It comes in a see-through pink plastic container with a screw-on lid. The opening to the bottle has a stopper with a small nozzle to let out the product.
The way I see it:

Amongst the ingredients in this oil based product, you can find a host of good botanical oils and vitamins. 
The winning ingredient in this formulation is PurCellin Oil. Bio-Oil differs only because of this fab ingredient that makes the oil light and non-greasy. 
So instead of the oil rubbing on your clothes and furniture, it actually gets absorbed by your skin immediately – ensuring you benefit the healing goodness of the vitamins and plant extracts in it.
This topical skin care oil helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, aging skin and uneven skin tone. 
Most women would prefer it for stretch marks that appear during pregnancy but you can also use it on fresh and old scars. 
I use it for freckles on my feet and stretch marks due to weight gain. It does a fairly good job. 

Don’t expect to be fair and lovely with this oil over night, if you are using this to get rid of dull skin & want to be fair!
 It does definitely lighten and fade scars making the skin appear little lighter but that is about it. 
This product is not as cheap either…so if you are looking for heavy duty healing then you should consider seeing a dermatologist. 

If you look in the ingredients list you will see Calendula oil. 
I have homeopathic calendula cream at home that costs 50 bucks. It fades scars overnight and worked amazingly well on my kitten in just 5 days. 
So, Bio-Oil versus Calendula….what would u choose? 
According to me, its a multi-purpose oil & hence a great value for money! You can see that I am already on my third bottle! 🙂

Rating: 5/5 

Where can you buy?

It is available at for Rs.450 with COD.
BTW Bio‑Oil is a member of Beauty Without Cruelty International.

The ‘Yay’ factors:

· Hypoallergenic

· Can be used on face and body

· Suitable for sensitive skin

· Fast absorbing

· Faint scent that doesn’t give a headache

· Good and effective product

· Contains botanical oils

· Light and non greasy

· Helps with uneven skin tone

· Fades scars and stretch marks

· Safe for pregnancy use

· Good for ageing skin

· Good for dehydrated skin

· Good as an after sun oil

· Good as a bath oil

· Acts as an intensive moisturiser

· Attractive packaging

· Compact size and easy to carry around

· Available in India now

· Not too bad price wise if you consider all the pros

The ‘Nay’ factors:

· Available in high end stores and selected online portals only

· Expensive for the given quantity

· Available in one size only

· Not for infants

HnB Ed* – I was actually planning to pick this one, once my current Palmer’s butter is over, to work on my stretch marks. But mineral oil featuring first in the list is bothersome to me. Let me see! Shall check out the homeopathic calendula cream for sure though.. 🙂

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