DIY – Upcycled CTM Travel Kit

Hello goldies.. How ya doing?I have some travel lined up for the weekend & was busy getting my stuff together to carry along.

That is when the thought of doing this post, popped in my mind.

I am sure all of you must hate to carry around tall body lotion bottles, long tubes & heavy jars along when you travel.

Here is how you can carry minimal stuff in lesser quantities – good enough to last through your travel time.

Simple & easily available stuff at home is all you need to get set with your new CTM travel kit.

I am upcycling the following empty stuff here –

1.TBS Guava Lip Balm Jar
2.TBS Vit. E Toner Bottle
3.TBS Spiced Vanilla Shower Gel Bottle
4.Puro Lemon Twist Lip Balm Jar

All the above 4 products have been reviewed in the blog. Click on each of their name to read the review.


You would also need –


  • An old toothbrush
  • Any shower gel/body wash
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cotton pads


Step 1:

Wash your empty containers & lip balm jars with running warm water. Make sure you get rid of product stuck or left over in them.

Step 2:

Pour in some shower gel into the empty containers & with an old toothbrush clean them up thoroughly. Sticky lip balms can be easily get rid of by brushing.

Use a shower gel that lathers well generally. I am using Olay Quench Body Wash here, since I am so very in the mood to finish it off soon 😀

Continue to wash the containers until you get no bubbles or lather either of the soap or leftover product and the water runs clean.

Let your empty containers dry in the sun, where probably no dust will accumulate on them from the wind.

Step 3:

Once all the containers are completely dry, squeeze some hand sanitizer into them. Roll the containers so that the sanitizer gets applied all over the container.

Leave it for some 5 minutes this way and wipe off the sanitizer using a cotton pad. Let the odour of the sanitizer fade for some time.

It could be tough to wipe off inside containers with narrow neck.. you may use a pencil or screwdriver to do so.

Step 4:

Now your travel kit is ready to be refilled.

Pour in products as per your need & desire in each of the upcycled container.

Here I have filled body lotion & cleansing milk in each of the TBS containers. The lip jar with inner lid is housing my day cream now & the TBS lip balm jar holds my night cream capsules.


I generally carry my Fabindia rose water as it is anywhere I go. This container is also upcyclable. You can fill a toner or any other brand rosewater in it too.

Step 5:

Clean any of your plastic jars in the same way for housing the cotton pads or cotton balls during your travel.

You are all set with your own CTM travel kit 🙂

I tried removing the product labels in vain… 🙁

Try this simple DIY upcycled kit and let me know what you think of this. There are ready-to-use travel sized containers available to be shopped online too 🙂

Hope you liked this post!

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