DIY Pumpkin AHA Mask

Hey all…

As I had mentioned in my Resolutions 2014, that I am gonna try various DIYs this year.

Posting one of them here today…

Presenting a face mask here with ingredients easily found at home… The Pumpkin AHA Mask.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial is the latest skincare fad abroad, though this humble, all-seasonal vegetable is totally ignored here in our country!

Not everyone gets to try an indulging facial like this.. so here is one that you can try out from the comfort of your home at almost no cost at all….. 😀


  • Yellow Pumpkin puree – 4 tbsp.
  • Milk powder/Dairy Whitener – 4 tbsp.
  • Honey – 2 tbsp.
  • Wild Turmeric powder (Kasturi Manjal) – 1 tbsp.
Let me detail you on how to prepare this mask & benefits of other products included in this mask.
1. Peel & de-seed the pumpkin and take only the flesh. The riper the pumpkin the better. 
Add some filtered/distilled water to it and make a puree in a blender.
2. Add milk powder to the puree & blend well to leave no lumps. You can add some raw milk instead of milk powder. In that case, skip water & add milk to crush the pumpkin in the blender.
3. Add the remaining ingredients (honey & turmeric powder) & stir well, to make a thick paste.
Apply on your face & neck and leave for about 20 minutes. Wash with warm water & follow with your regular moisturizer.
This mask is suitable for all skin types. If you have acne prone skin, you can add 2 drops of tea tree oil to the paste.
The above quantities of ingredients will give you about half a cup of mask. You can store the remaining in the fridge and finish within a week.


1. Loaded with Vitamin A & C

Vit. A is immensely helpful in acne healing & cell regeneration, while Vitamin C is great for skin brightening &  has anti-aging properties.

2. Natural exfoliant – Helps to get rid of dead cells without actually scrubbing.

3. Hydrating – Do I need to say this…Pumpkins are high in water content

4. Goodness of enzymes – The enzymes in pumpkin act as humectants & anti-oxidants.

MILK POWDER – Milk is loaded with lactic acid, which is an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA). AHAs are known natural exfoliants or chemical peels that act from within the skin to get rid of dead cells.
AHAs also help to brighten the skin and bring a natural glow to the face.
HONEY – Nature’s own sweet dish, honey is a great moisturizer and does loads of goodness to the skin.
WILD TURMERIC – Known traditionally as ‘Kasturi Manjal’ in India, this turmeric does not stain the skin like the usual turmeric. It controls facial hair growth, adds glow to the skin, is anti-inflammatory too.
Easily available at most supermarkets & stores that sell herbal/natural stuff.
My skin instantly brightens up on using this mask & this also lends a subtle glow from within to my skin! There are no rough dry patches that I usually have around the corners of the nose. I really don’t feel to rush & apply some moisturizer immediately upon washing this off, since its hydrates me to good extent.
I totally recommend you all to try this mask! 🙂
Pumpkins are available throughout the year in India. Incase you don’t have access to pumpkins regularly, freeze the puree in an ice tray. Once the cubes are ready, place them in an air-tight polythene bag & toss in the freezer! You can melt one whenever you want some pumpkin pampering!

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