#DIY – Pep up your home decor for few bucks!

How are you all doing my gorgeous gals?

I thought of posting something different from the usual product reviews or swatches here today to beat the Monday blue!

Here is some simple home decor activity that you can do to pep up the look and feel of your home.

I chose indoor plants – they bring life and greenery straight into our otherwise concrete living room/bedroom, while cheering up one’s mood besides some oxygen supply.

Things you need – 

A plant in a flower pot
Sheets of gold/silver foil

Do it Yourself – 

1. Pick up your favorite plant and have it planted in a flower pot.

Now there are certain plants that are ideal or specifically suited for indoors.

Cactus, anthuriums, crotons, poinsettia, scarlet star – these fit perfectly indoors with a perfect mix of color and greenery.

I chose POINSETTIA – the foliage changing from fuchsia-red to green is the best wardrobe makeover I have witnessed ever!!! 😀

Cleanup and trim the plant to suit your indoor needs.

2. Place the flower pot over the golden/silver foil sheets and wrap the flower pot over.

Leave the ends of the foil sheet open to the sky to look grunge. It easy for watering this way.

3. Trim the ends of the foil as required once done with wrapping.

Your basic flower pot is ready to adorn your indoors all glammed up!

4. If you are using more than one foil sheet, you can use some glue to stick them in place together.

You can even crush the foil sheets before wrapping over the flower pot to give a more grungy look.

Your sassy indoor plants home decor is ready all glammed up for just few bucks!

I had done this DIY back at a friend’s place in the US. I never thought I could do a post on this back then…Wish I had taken more pics! 🙂

Your thoughts here...

Your thoughts here...