DIY – How about some milk cream luxury?

Hey all..Another DIY post for the day… This one about including milk cream in your beauty routine.

I happened to pick 2 tetra packs of milk cream for an impending guest visit to my home. Made some yummy pasta salad with it..

Other pack was nearing expiry and thought of using it on the skin than have it and get fatter.. 🙂

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I know most of you must be cringing your noses at the very mention of milk cream and that too on face!

Its got some great protein & fatty acids essential for healthy skin and enzymes/acids that work on to brighten/lighten skin.

I got normal-dry skin and so did not have to worry much about this causing pimples.

Here I am sharing a couple of ways I used milk cream on my skin & face….


Just take a spoon of milk cream in your palm and apply it on the face & neck. Massage for 2 mins. using circular motions.

This gets rid of dirt & impurites from within the skin and moisturises as well.

While wiping off with cotton, you can see how much dirt & grime is extracted from your skin.


Mix 1 spoon of ground oatmeal to 1 spoon of milk cream and use it as a scrub for your face and body.

This makes up for 2-in-1 product – cleanser + scrub at one go.

One can try any flour like rice flour, moong or besan too instead of oatmeal. Or just toss in some sugar or salt to make for a great scrub.


Dash in a few drops of lemon juice to milk cream and use it as face pack. Strictly for normal-dry skin.

Let is stay for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold running water.

Do not forget to follow this up with a steam session to unclog pores. Or else milk cream that got inside your pores can cause pimple/acne.

I placed my steamer somewhere in the house, so I used the hot towel method. Soak a hand towel in hot water, wring it out and then place the towel on your face & neck and lie down. Repeat if you want.

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I have dark skin around my neck & this has worked to some extent. I guess I need to stock more of milk cream to get rid of it entirely… :p


Apply milk cream to your knees, elbows, ankle joints or wherever you have dark & rough skin.

This helps to smoothen the skin to great extent. My elbows are more softer these days.

These are few ways how I used milk cream and this is one product thats gonna be on my groceries list for long now.. be it for recipe or my personal indulgence!

A colleague told me that she has used it on her dry/chapped lips too… you can give it a try too… though I have never & would never do it! ;p

I also came to know that it helps in anti-aging & also reduces wrinkles. I am not sure how effective milk cream is on this front but would love to check out that too.

Hope you liked this DIY on Milk Cream.

Have you used milk cream for your skin? Please do share your experience & methods with us..


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