#DIY $3 Home Decor

I love DIY projects plus decking up my home too with things with atleast some input from my end.

We were at the Headlands Beach State Park, Ohio recently and I got fascinated by scores of pebbles in different colors and sizes. Hubby and my boy gladly picked some for me to take back home for this DIY and here it is.

Hang on for my first vlog soon on Youtube – a funny video indeed!

Coming back to the DIY, all you need are the below –

  • A glass jar
  • Artificial flower bunches – as many as you wish
  • Pebbles of different sizes & colors

A medium sized glass jar should do good or else you would need more pebbles to fill it in. Two bunches of your favorite flowers again is enough for this DIY flower vase.

I picked both my glass jar and two peony flower bunches from Dollar Tree at $1 each. So, its a frugal home decor for you all at flat $3! Can’t get any better ain’t it?

Do it Yourself –

  1. Place the flower bunches in the glass jar
  2. Start putting in the pebbles inside the jar, while you hold the flower bunches together with the other hand
  3. Recommend placing bigger pebbles down first and smaller ones as you fill up the jar to create a gradient look
  4. Throw in some different colored pebble here and there so that its not visually boring

You are done!

The jar loaded with pebbles is quite heavy and so please be careful.

Its so easy that you can involve your kids too in this home decor and they would be proud to show off their creation to others.

Do try this DIY and let know how you and others liked it back home!

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...