DIY – A Pineapple Treat!

Hey people! Howz the day going?Pineapple is very much in season now! I tried a pineapple mask for the very first time while at mom’s place and wanted to share the same with you all.

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Lets see what good it can do to your skin apart from its usual dose of vitamins & minerals for your body from within.

This is a tropical fruit which is native to South America. It is loaded with Vitamins A & C and also consists of potent enzymes that aid the human immune system.

Lets also see how this pine beauty helps our skin with all its goodness!


Pineapple is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). AHA is the main ingredient in anti-aging & anti-wrinkle creams and targets to slough off the layer of old skin and aids in new cell regeneration.

While most of the creams in the market come loaded with chemicals along with AHA, why not have a freshly cut pineapple fruit mask to get all the goodness of anti-aging from it directly?

Does it make you say “AHA! So true!”


It is a good source of an enzyme called ‘bromelain’. This enzyme works on the skin to remove dullness & dead skin.

Thin slices of pineapple placed on the skin or crushed pineapple as a mask can be used as a good brightening treatment this season.

It also makes up for a great foot mask or scrub with its fibre content. It works effectively on rough skin.


Pineapple is a good source of  Vitamin C too – though vitamin C present in pineapple is not as concentrated as in the anti-wrinkle creams.

However, Vit. C is a potent antioxidant and when applied minus chemicals/preservatives in a cream, should always do good.

But be careful that Vitamin C loses its potency when exposed to air (oxygen) so use it right away after blending or refrigerate in an air-tight container to retain the goodness.

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How to prepare:

Just peel the pineapple and cut into slices. Crush them using a blender or in a mixer. Your pineapple mask is ready!


Pineapple has a strong flavor and stronger enzymes & acids that work on the skin. Always do a patch test to check if it suits you.

I applied a thin layer of the pineapple mask for test on the hand, and it started itching me for some 5-10 minutes and I removed immediately.

But there was no rash or redness in the area. Hence I proceeded to wear it on the face & neck.

Itching (similar to one while having a bleach) was there on the face too but subsided in 10 minutes. I washed it off after 5 more minutes.

It didn’t break me out but smelled too sweet for me. The skin had a good brightening effect which lasted for the whole evening.

Oily skin people might add a drop of tea tree oil to prevent breakouts & also the overwhelming pineapple fragrance.

Regular usage will definitely show results I believe!

Do try a pineapple mask this season and let me know how you liked it?


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