Build Your Own Desktop Japanese Zen Garden

Ever appreciated the cosmic yet calming Japanese zen gardens? Also known as Rock Gardens! Zen Gardens have always been a topic of debate whether they actually possess or transmit said cosmic energies for the betterment of one’s life. But they are undoubtedly beautiful man-made creations. In this post, its all about how you can build your own desktop Japanese Zen Garden!

What if we can’t go to Japan now or build a zen garden in our backyard? Let’s bring it right on our table!


icnbuys desktop zen garden

Now, miniature Zen gardens are no new concept – but the only catch with them is to be able to collect the right components for it. Time and effort goes hand in hand with their availability or lack of it.

ICNBuys is trying to simplify this huge effort, by offering “ready to assemble” Japanese Zen Gardens! Yes, they have “Zen Gardens in a Box” as I like to call them and all you need to do is buy and set them up according to your liking.


If all this is sounding Greek to you, please check out these links to get a hold on what Zen Gardens are in the first place –

Japanese Rock Gardens (Wiki)

Why do you need a Zen Garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

In layman terms, a Zen Garden is an art of arranging landscape features like rock, trees, sand, etc carefully to stimulate cosmic energies that influence a calm mind and help in meditation. It has a great impact on overall well being with its soothing presence.

Now it can’t get better than being on your table, can it?


Now we all live in concrete jungles and compact apartments with no backyards for some greenery. Plants even if artificial, have a soothing effect to our senses. The ICNBuys Zen Garden is a perfect fit here.

Each piece of the zen garden including the tray, sand and rakes come neatly packed in individual small boxes, arranged nicely inside the outer carton.

I received my package on the third day from placing the order. Sturdy outer carton ensures there is no damage to the contents.

All one needs is to unpack and arrange the garden as per one’s choice of landscaping.


1. Take out the tray and place it on the desk/table you would like the garden to be on. This shall be our garden’s layout/circumference.

2. Pour the white sand on to the tray. Its very fine and looks like salt crystals. Comes double-bagged so there is no loss in transit.

3. Use the rake kit to smoothen and level up the white sand in the tray.

4. Place other pieces as per your wish to present a calming and soothing garden.

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

icnbuys desktop zen garden

Ain’t it so simple? These have a very aesthetic and real feel to them. And not to forget how cute and pretty they look.

This can be a great activity with the kids too, to rearrange the tabletop garden per their choice and teach them their significance.

Makes for a great home decor addition on your coffee table, workstation at home or even your kid’s study table! Simply somewhere IN SIGHT!

We all lead very busy lives on “our own and together” day in day out – meetings, emails, deadlines, exams, traffic, expenses, stress, insomnia and a lot more. This desktop zen garden helps you unwind and live in the moment for few minutes as you rake the white sand, rearrange the landscape or just admire its miniature beauty!

The lines done on the white sand using the rake signify peace and calmness.

Even if you are a non-believer in Zen and stuff, just taking out these few minutes of pause from your busy lives is good enough to calm you down. I am a ZEN CONVERT for just this one reason!

How cute can a bridge or a tree get? And that cherry blossom tree in the garden is total love! And the pristine white sands remind me of the white salt desert of the Great Rann of Kutch.

Love the time I get to spend with my hyper-active boy while re-modelling our cute, mini zen garden over the weekends. His enthusiasm and inquisitive nature amazes me and I am glad he knows how to unwind and calm down when needed ALREADY – at the ripe age of 4! 😉

The zen garden shown in my pictures is priced at $39.99 with free shipping. Direct Amazon link below to place an order if interested.

Availability : ICNBuys Official Site  |  Amazon (Avail 5 – 15% off now for a limited period of time)

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  • Prompt shipping on order
  • Sturdy packaging ensures no in-transit damage
  • Product is easy to work with
  • Good quality
  • Different styles of zen gardens available
  • Responsive to queries

I am glad I got introduced to zen gardens and all its goodness through ICNBuys and definitely think you should get one for yourself too. I am personally more enamored of the lives of Japanese now and have officially added Japan to my travel bucket list too!

Its holiday time and officially the gifting season of the year! Zen Gardens make for a great gift option to adults and kids alike. Your friends and family are going to thank you for such a thoughtful and innovative DIY (Do It Yourself) kind of gift that symbolises peace, calm and beauty in the upcoming New Year!

Until then keep calm & move on! 🙂

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