Dabur Gulabjal, Fabindia Rose water & Banjaras Rose water – Review, Comparison & Ratings

My lovely pals out here..Its been quite some time I did a product review here @ HnB.. owing to tight schedules with work and family… A lot of posts are pending & are just waiting to come your way…

Was so confused about what to post this time.. and thought of doing an online – Rose Water Battle!!

So here’s a round up of various rose waters I have used so far, their reviews, comparison over price and value for money and accordingly the winner among them too!


Well, this is one rose water brand every household in the country knows & used and available easily all over India.

The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pink screw cap. There is an inner cork type plastic lid with a hole to dispense rose water. It also comes in various sizes and quantity so that one can test buying lesser quantity.

Price: INR 14 for 30 ml.

The gulab (hindi for rose) fragrance is soothing and yes.. good to refresh one’s skin and mood at once.

But it never helped me with some dry patches I had during the winters and also didn’t feel any special improvement in my skin’s tone inspite of using it everyday. I also felt it had an artificial rose fragrance to it.

Also contains parabens for preservatives which was a big put off for me. The one bottle I had has been long completed now.

HnB rating: 3.5/5


Once my Dabur rose water got over, I picked up this rose water facial spray from Fabindia.

It comes in a neat, transparent, pump packaging which is handy to use and also non-messy to carry around in the handbag or during travel. The quality of the spray bottle is good and can be reused to carry some other product too.

This is the best rose water I have ever used and I love the cooling freshness it imparts whenever sprayed on the skin. Recommended to spray at 15 cms. away from the face – the pump dispenses a fine mist of the rose water, which one can spray all over the face and press down using their fingers or a cotton ball.

Price: INR 175 for 100 ml.

I have never had the dry patch issue around my nose after I have started using this rose water spray and I think this product really works.

I use this over my face after applying face packs too – to get that added glow 🙂

Its pricey for the quantity you get – but for the value of money, one can ignore the price.

HnB rating: 4.5/5


Banjaras is a popular brand down here in South India – particularly in Hyderabad.

This comes in a light pink plastic bottle with a darker pink screw cap. Also has a inner stopper with a hole to dispense the product. The pricing is decent though the packaging needs great ramping up.


Price: INR 55 for 200 ml.

The rose water is of natural fragrance and doesn’t smell overwhelming. The label also mentions of preservatives but not about which one being used – so a little dicey about it!

Affordable and decent product which requires some nice re-packaging!

HnB rating: 4/5 

I am yet to try rose water from Khadi & Patanjali.. hope to lay my hands on them soon!

But for now, as you can see – the winner clearly is – Fabindia Rose Water Spray!

Which is your favorite rose water brand?


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