Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lipcolor – Bare Dare Pink (Potential MAC Dupe??)

Good evening gals…Just now managed to shoo away office work & found some ‘me’ time for blogging…. 🙂

Today I’m gonna talk about one of my favorite lipsticks from my stash – Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lipcolor.

These chubby crayon-styled lipsticks were launched late last year I believe.

You can check out the swatches of the shades available in this range here – Swatch Santa: Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lipcolors.

I picked shade 003 – Bare Dare Pink for myself.

Price: INR 699 for 3.94 g.

The way I see it:

These are cute, chubby pencils that are black on the whole with the lipstick shade color-coded at the bottom. Every lipcolor you buy comes with a suitable sharpener as well.

The cap fits snugly to the pencil, hence no worries carrying this in your purse.

The lipstick is creamy & moisturizing upon application. The pigmentation of the lipstick is amazing too.. one swipe of it is good enough to cover-up lip pigmentation.

It does not bleed but yes transfers easily onto other objects.

It fades evenly & leaves behind a uniform tint after 2-3 hrs. of wear.

The shade under discussion – Bare Dare Pink, is so aptly named. Its the perfect MLBB shade for me.

The lipstick is a lovely brownish-pink that would suit fair-medium skin tones very well. Dusky skin tones may have to check this out before they buy, so that it doesn’t wash them out.

This is one versatile shade you can wear everywhere – to office, to the mall, to the hospital/clinic, to buy groceries or even to parties with a heavy eye-makeup.

All pros? No cons? – is this the question in your mind?? Gotcha!

I have two problems with this lipcolor – One, you need to sharpen it leading to product wastage. Two, it has a plasticky smell to it!

I can live with sharpening (atleast then I can finish a lippie!) – but the plasticky or waxy smell it has its a little bothering.

Nevertheless,  I reach out to this lippie quite often, as I said its my MLBB shade.

What about the MAC Dupe? Hey.. I think its quite close to the cult-favorite MAC Cosmo lipstick.

If you wanna save on those 300 bucks.. you can of course go for this lippie! 😀

The ‘Yay’ factors:

  • Cute, chubby pencil
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Creamy & moisturizing
  • Well pigmented
  • Stays for 2-3 hrs.
  • Leaves behind a nice pink tint
  • Fades evenly
  • Does not bleed
  • Doesn’t settle into lines
  • Perfect MLBB shade
  • Looks close to MAC Cosmo lipstick
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Bleeds
  • A little pricey for a drugstore lipstick
  • Sharpening leads to wastage
  • Plasticky/waxy smell is a put off
If you ask me, I totally love this lipcolor & already have picked up another shade from the same range, not minding the price.
Review of the the other lippie from this range, coming soon! Until then keep guessing the shade… 😀

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