Colgate Plax Refreshing Green Tea Mouthwash – A Quick Review!

Hey people..Presenting a mini review on Colgate Plax Refreshing Green Tea Mouthwash today.

You must be wondering what a mouthwash is doing in a makeup/beauty blog.. but I couldn’t resist about talking this on the blog.

Price: INR 110 for 250 ml.

What I love in this product:

  • Refreshing green tea flavor
  • Flavor is mild & not overwhelming
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Does not give a burning sensation unlike other mouthwashes (since no alcohol)
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Sturdy container
  • I have travelled with this big bottle too – never messed up
  • The mild green tea after taste is pleasant
There can be a mild burning sensation when used for the first time – which might be due to micro-abrasion on the gums while brushing or some dental conditions that need medical attention.
It is always good to check with your doctor before trying this mouthwash, in case he has prescribed some medicated mouthwash already for you.
This is currently the family mouthwash at home & we are already close to finishing the second bottle 🙂

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  • Great I will try this because listerine burns like anything. It's just that listerine was the leader in mouth was once upon a time and so we are still using it…I think, things that are reviewed that enhance ones life is worth reviewing…from ordinary white harpic that makes a woman's life easy to a mouthwash that does not burn the mouth!

    • well said… i too used listerine & AM PM with all that burning horror… then some medicated mouthwash horror happened… finally landed on this & loving it totally…

      the big plus is it does not give the feeling of having used a mouthwash at all…. 🙂

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