Clear Women Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – Review!

Dear ones…How are you all doing?

I will be reviewing Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Women in today’s post.

Well.. I have never really had dandruff problem ever thankfully, but sometime back noticed white flakes in my scalp. Was really bothered if it was dandruff, since Mr.Husband has dandruff problem 🙁

Ran to the stores, picked up this bottle from Clear and started using it religiously for a month.

Read on to know more whether it lived true to its claims.

Price: INR 139 for 200 ml.

Ingredients: See pic below.


It comes in a strudy white bottle with a flip-open cap which makes it travel-friendly & non-messy.

The one I picked is specially for women with label graphics in fuchsia. It also comes in smaller sizes for trial and easy fit in travel kits.

What the product claims:

It mentions that it gives soft & shiny hair which is soft upto 4x times.

Contains patented Nutrium 10 with vitamins, minerals & nutrients for healthy, nourished scalp & beautiful hair.

In the commercials, they claim that dandruff goes and never comes back on usage.

The way I see it:

The shampoo is of pink color and has a nice fragrance.

I have an oily scalp in general, which tends to get more oily in the summers. So I wash my hair every alternative day in the summers.

This shampoo is mild enough and did not cause any frizz to my hair upon frequent wash. I have been using this with Dove conditioner.

It did make my hair soft, but not 4x as claimed and also could see a mild shine in the hair. Nothing gr8 though!

Did it get rid of my dandruff? Yes, it did! 🙂

I have stopped using this shampoo now… its been a month I switched to a new one.. but I am not seeing those irritating flakes on my scalp anymore!

Since, I have not been using any other treatment for dandruff – I would give all the credit to this shampoo only!

On seeing my results, husband ji also got a bottle for himself from Clear for Men.. and is undergoing the testing phase! 😀

Wishing he gets good results too! 🙂

Overall, a good shampooo with nice fragrance, that is mild, works to remove dandruff and doesn’t make the scalp dry or the hair frizzy, keeps its soft & manageable.

Would definitely recommend this shampoo to gals having dandruff problem… with all good hopes that it works for you too!

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Gets rid of dandruff
  • Mild on the scalp & hair
  • Makes hair soft & manageable
  • Doesn’t cause frizz
  • Small sizes available
  • Availability, pricing are a plus
  • Paraben-free!

The ‘Nay’ factors:

I can’t really think of any! 🙂 (Except for SLES)

HnB rating: 5/5

Repurchase? – Hope i don’t have to! Wanna be away from dandruff  🙂

Recommend? – I already did! Go for it… 🙂


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  • @Manushree – thanku so much Manu.. do participate in the giveaway! 🙂 yeah.. it doesnt cause frizz.. give it a try…

    @Ray – oh is it.. never knew this.. probably it was not dandruff too.. 😀 thanku so much ray for this info…

  • Hi….loved the packaging. Pink shampoo!!! sounds interesting 🙂
    Hey, one more thing, you told you have oily scalp right….sometimes sebum on your hair dries up & forms yellowish white flakes which goes away with a wash 🙂

    And me too have oily scalp 🙁

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