Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime – Product Review

Hey gorgeous…Another review on HnB – this time on Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime fragrance.

For those who are new to wet wipes, they are wet tissues soaked with moisturisers or cleansers. Used to refresh one’s skin after a long day or for a regular dose of skin refreshment. They are also good makeup removers.

Wet wipes are one of the essential products in skincare and makeup removal. And I have been using this product for quite long now that I thought its a good time to review it here for you all.

Price: INR 60 for 30 pulls

Shelf life: 2 years


Comes in a conventional wipes/tissue packing with a slit to pull the wipes and self-adhesive top cover to seal the opening back.

The packaging size is compact enough to be taken along in the handbag or during travel. The seal is tight holding too thus not letting the rest of the wipes dry.

What the product claims:

From their website:

Clarus Wet Wipes are made of a moistened piece of quality paper, scented with water, which comes as dispensing mechanisms for removing grease and pollution to keep you fresh and cool. It is Soft & Absorbent.”

On the package:

The way I see it:

Summers or winters – I always need wet wipes handy by my side or atleast at home 🙂

I am huge lover of citrus fragrance be it in the fruits or in any product. So I picked the Lime fragrance from the Clarus Wet Wipes range which is also available in Cologne & Sandal.

It leaves the skin feeling cool, refreshed and squeaky clean after each usage. The mild lime fragrance just adds to the feel and mood.

The size of the pull is just right for one usage and is pretty wet too. It is a great makeup remover as well.

The quality of the wipe is good too and doesn’t tear upon usage or leave tissue fibres on the face.

It removes all traces of makeup – even eye makeup for that matter totally, that too without stinging the eyes!
Amazing aint it… My HipHop makeup remover pads are horrible when it comes to the eye and also have a very strong fragrance. Thumbs up to Clarus!

I have used this many times to get rid of makeup and freshen up for after office hours parties and also when I am at most laziest phase of the day – in the night – to remove makeup before hitting the bed….. this just worked perfect!!!

I make it a point to take these with me during travel too, so that I can keep my skin fresh and pollution free.

Another biggest factor is that it doesn’t breakout at all.. and will suit all skin types (not sure about the sensitive ones out there… )

I had finished one pack and close to completing my second now….. but I am not able to find this product these days in the supermarket from where I purchased it… they are not available online too… 🙁

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Decently priced
  • Good quality paper used
  • Doesn’t breakout
  • Moisturises well
  • Removes makeup pretty good (does not sting the eyes too)

The ‘Nay’ factors:

  • Availability (though it is available at a couple of sites online)
  • Individual tissue wrapping is not available (this actually is not a con, since most wet wipes are conventionally packed)

HnB ratings:

Availability: 2.5/5
Price: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5

Overall Product: 4/5

Repurchase? – For sure! (if only I get to lay my hands on it again!)

Recommend? – For sure!


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Your thoughts here...