DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 1

Casual outfit post from my NYC trip + Quick DIY with iron-on patch

Off late, I have been bitten by the DIY bug and all I think about is “how can I get done something out of this?”

Today’s post has two parts to it – a fashion post from me after quite a long time and the DIY I did on the dress worn in this post.

DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 1

First things first.. let’s learn the DIY steps and then see how the dress turned out and how I styled it!


Things you will need –

  • A top/dress of your choice
  • Iron-on patch
  • Iron box
  • Couple of cotton towels

Steps to follow – 

  1. Press the dress of your choice neatly so that there are no wrinkles or folds on the surface where the patch is to be fixed.

This DIY works well on cotton and denim material. Avoid using synthetic         material since they may not withstand heat from the iron.

DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 2

2. Heat the iron to maximum temperature setting (suitable for cotton            clothes).

3. Spread a cotton towel or bedspread on the floor/iron stand and place your dress over it. The side on which the patch needs to be affixed should be facing you.

DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 3

4. Position the iron-on patch as required on the dress/top surface.

DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 4

5. Place a cotton towel over the patch and start ironing the patch. Slightly iron all over the cotton towel placed over the patch first (this fixes the patch in its position).

6. Iron using pressure now – press the iron down for 30 seconds over each section of the patch.

DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 1

7. Turn the cloth inside out and iron on the backside of the patch.

Your ready to rock in your DIY dress!

DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 4


I wore this DIY iron-on patch dress in my recent New York trip for the first time.

Now some background on the dress – would you believe if I told you this is actually not a dress but nightwear?

Yes! When I first set my eyes on this piece in the lounge wear section in FBB (Fashion Big Bazaar), I fell in love with the perfect blue and white combo. I thought it was too pretty for nightwear, and so made up my mind to upgrade this lounge wear into a pretty dress fit for casual wear.

I went ahead and bought this in 2 sizes bigger than what I would wear normally and had this whole outfit plan ready in my mind, in the trial room itself. And I am so glad, it turned out perfect – just the way I wanted it to be!

I got this DIY iron-on patch off Aliexpress. You can get your patches from eBay or Amazon too, with better delivery timelines.

Once the DIY is done, it no more looks like some lounge wear stuff! But yeah.. not a great option if you are looking for an outfit that would flatter your curves.

I styled this dress with a thin waistbelt and floral shoes. Long statement earrings that resemble the Empire State building and some bold makeup completed the look.

This dress felt so comfortable for an entire day out roaming in the streets of NYC and looks great in pictures with contrast colors at play.  No compromise on style for the sake of comfort!

I totally loved this outfit personally!

Here you go with my #OOTD from atop the Empire State Building, NYC –

DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 5


DIY Iron On Patches Ideas 6


Dress – FBB

Shoes – Bata India

Waistbelt – Baggit

Sling bag – Caprese

Bracelet – @vintagemonkey (Instagram)

Earrings – Eristona from Koovs


Eyes – Lakme Gel Liner in Cobalt

Lips – Chambor Liquid Lipstick 432

Hope you liked both this simple DIY and the casual outfit post. DIY patches are really fun – I’m sure you will try one soon for yourself.

How did you like the outfit and styling?

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...