Burst of Happyness Beer & Egg Shampoo Bar

Hey all…I know I am a bad blogger… desert the blog & abscond and then come back with a sorry note…. 🙁 🙂

What to do… weekends & holidays seem to be the busiest days of my life than regular weekdays…. 😀

I am back with another review… on the Beer & Egg Shampoo Bar from Burst of Happyness.


Burst of Happyness is a brand that offers handmade, home-made natural soaps, cleansers & various other products, run by a woman entrepreneur.

Price: INR 120 for a bar of 60 gms.

Ingredients: Beer, Coconut Oil, Palmolein, Olive Oil Pomace, Castor Oil, Lye, Egg, Bergamot Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil.

The way I see it:

I can or would never use egg or beer as such on my hair/skin ever in my life! 🙂

Such products motivate me to try things that are ‘out-of-the-box’ for me 😛

This was also my first ever shampoo bar. It lathers really well for a natural product.

It smells of a mix of essential oils, not a bit of either beer or egg.. kudos!

However, the product is best used when directly rubbed on the scalp…. I tried creating lather in my palms first & then shampooing my scalp & hair but it wasn’t effective in getting rid of the oil & dirt.

I hate to see soaps strewn with hair, but I had to bear it to make the best of use this one.

This shampoo bar removed oil very well from the hair/scalp, but I felt it lacked a bit in removed dust/dirt.

If you oiled your hair, you would need to run this soap twice on the scalp & hair.

It left my hair bouncy, though a little dry which I managed by following with a leave-in serum. I was not using a conditioner alongside this bar, since it weighed down my hair badly.. plus egg & beer are already conditioning!

It brought shine to the hair… did not have any effect on my hairfall (was already going through a severe one!) and did not give me any new complications like dandruff/itchiness/scalp acne!

The bar doesn’t melt like crazy or get gooey when wet. One soap would last a good 2 months if used twice a week regularly also.

It is a little tough when the bar has weaned too much to be held in the palm & rubbed. I managed diluting it in little water, making a liquid shampoo out of it & then using it.

This is SLS/SLES/Silicone/Paraben free….

I somehow am so used to liquid/cream products in hair care, accustoming to a bar took some time. Plus bars ain’t comfortable when you are in a hurry.

I haven’t made up my mind whether to pick this bar again or not…. since I already have another shampoo bar made of Henna from the same brand to be used yet.

Your thoughts here...

Your thoughts here...