Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Red Sunrise

Heyya gals… Happy weekend!!”Mama-mia.. Watz the plan today? Aah-aah..Bank errands & doc visit for me, yeah!” (Sing in ABBA tune) πŸ˜€

On another note, I have been expecting some international packages of mine to arrive all through the week which never turned up at my door. Hope it doesn’t land up today all at one go when hubby is around… or else I have to go hunting for a PG accomodation rite away!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ™ πŸ˜›

Lemme jus say.. “Man proposes, postman disposes” & continue what I am supposed to do here with this blog post… πŸ˜€

This baby is my new found love – Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in the shade – 01 Red Sunrise.

Price: INR 785


The craze with every lipstick manufacturing company these days.. twist-up, chubby crayon!

The entire pencil is that of the shade of the lipstick with a silver bottom. Looks like a Revlon lip stain in-toto! πŸ™‚

The way I see it:

Bourjois recently launched these chubby lipsticks in India. They call it the “Glossy Finish Lipstick” & the range has 4 shades only.

You can check out the swatches of all the 4 shades here – Swatch Santa: Bourjois Color Boost Lipsticks.

Honestly, I never inclined to buy any chubby-baby like this for my vanity, but freebies got the best of me… & I ended up picking one… πŸ˜€

You can check out what I hauled & the freebies from Bourjois here – Mini Bourjois Haul.

First thing I gotta tell you about this is – this one doesn’t have that MINTY fragrance/flavor, all the other lip crayons in the market seem to have!! Yay!!

The shade is true to its name – its a reddish-pink, like that of the hues of the dawning sun.

Below swatch is one swipe of this lipstick. Well.. I wanted to draw a star for this star product.. & it turned out to be flower-like. (I bet I was very good at drawing in school.. just lost the hang of it :D)

The lipstick in one swipe looks like a lip stain only, managing to cover lip pigmentation decently.

Here is a lip swatch with just one swipe of the lipstick –

With one more swipe & swoosh.. u get glossy, red lips…. πŸ˜€

Its creamy & hydrating.. yes! I mean it… I got dry lips & I know how most lipstick that Β claim to be moisturizing on the lips, flake after 2 hrs.

I have worn this 11 hrs. flat! Some finger-licking good South Indian thali, some milk, tea & noodles later I still found bright reddish-pink tinted lips smiling at me! Amazed!!!! πŸ˜€

It does transfer but does not bleed or settle into fine lines. Wears good easily for 6-7 hrs. & then leaves a strong tint!

Most of the lipstick’s claims stand true – color, glossy finish, 10 hrs. of comfort & hydration, light to wear, et al.

It does stain the teeth a little, which can be taken care of with proper application & tips.

The shade is a gorgeous red with pink undertones that almost every Indian skin tone can flaunt with ease.

You don’t need a lip balm beneath.. you don’t infact need to touch up also… Its like fill & forget!

You don’t need a lip gloss on top too… but well… it doesn’t give that much shine/reflection a gloss offers though.

Can be worn as a tint for everyday wear, office or college without hesitation. Glam up as a diva for your night-outs & parties with full blown red lips with the same lippie!

For now I’m in total love with this chubby-baby… very happy with the purchase inspite of it being on the higher end (200 more, you get a MAC!)…no regrets at all…

A perfect starter for people who are new to reds or shy to wear them.. This one is a keeper!

I have all ‘Yay’s for this & no ‘Nay’s at all… I’ m loving each Bourjois stuff I have already, though I am new to the brand! πŸ˜€

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