Become a Tea-totaller!

Well.. everyone is talking about going green these days everywhere!Why not going green for some internal bliss with some green tea too?

I am an ardent coffee lover since childhood and till date drool over a fresh brew of coffee.. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then slowly I switched over to tea with milk.. though I have never over drunk any of these beverages in a day.. Max two cups a day!

After reading a lot about the benefits of green tea.. I have now moved on to green tea… and when I am not drinking this… I abstain from drinking any other beverage too..


Benefits of Drinking Tea:

All the benefits listed here are for the plain brewed tea without milk and sugar/sweetener.

  • Boost your immunity

There have been medical studies that prove tea has anti-cancer properties – particularly gastric and skin cancers. It is loaded with antioxidants and hence is highly effective against free radicals in our system.

There is also proof that 2 cupsย of tea a day helps in keeping ovarian cancer at bay in women by 46 percent.

Researchers also found that people drinking tea on a daily basis had improved nutrient and immune system activity in the body.

  • Hydrate the body

Most teas have very less caffeine content in them. Caffeine dehydrates the cells highly and thus leading to aging.

It provides the required pep-up in a great brew and retains water in the body – thus doesnt dehydrate the cells too.

  • Low caloried

When you are taking just the tea brew without any sweetener or milk, it is the best low calorie drink that you can get with all the natural goodness. Probably one can add a dash of honey and lime to it, to add taste.

Green tea is known to increase the body’s metabolic rate, thereby one can burn more calories in a day.

  • Combat stress

Today’s life comes with its own hassles and strain on all of us. A fresh brew of tea can calm and soothe one’s senses and bring down stress. Its great to combat mental fatigue too.


So when are you brewing your next cup of tea?


Your thoughts here...

Your thoughts here...