Beauty Tag – This or That?

Hello all…

Finally I am here with my ‘This or That?” beauty tag as well… 🙂

Thanks Riya & Deepika for tagging me! <3

Here we go with my choices rite away… Bumbli-mumbli-whoosh! 😀


Blush or Bronzer? – I am a blush gal in toto…Have a teeny-weeny collection of blushes only though! Experimenting with bronzers too.. 🙂

Lipgloss or Lipstick? – Hands down.. Lipstick!

Eyeliner or Mascara? – Eyeliner.. can’t step outta home without one on!

Foundation or Concealer? – Concealer. Just need to cover up my dark circles & I am to good to go with some loose powder or compact on.

Neutral or Color eyeshadows? – Neutrals any day…. and I love mattes!

Pressed or Loose eyeshadows? – Pressed, from the convenience perspective.

Brushes or Sponges? – Fingers!!! 😀 I prefer my fingers most of the time to warm up the product & control blending.. but yeah, next best is brushes for me.


OPI or China Glaze? – Have a couple of OPI minis & as a matter of fact not impressed with them! Would love to try CG!

Long or Short? – Medium or short! Help me with typing on the lappie throughout the day & non-messy when it comes to household chores too.

Acrylic or Natural? – Natural 🙂

Brights or Darks? – Dark ones for my feet, think they show my feet brighter! 😛 All other colors for the hands 😀

Flower or No flower? – Fine with both! Don’t mind being a tad more girly….


Perfume or Body splash? – Perfumes, because they last longer.

Lotion or Body butter? – Lotions in summers & body butter for the dry months!

Body wash or Soap? – My normal-dry skin prefers body washes better 😀

Lush or Other bath company? – I keep trying various brands when it comes to body products..Like Bath & Body Works a lot, when it comes to exotic fragrances!

Jeans or Sweat pants? – Jeans

Long sleeve or Short? – Short ones… Even if I like dresses with full or 3/4th sleeves ones, I get the sleeves chopped.. 😀

Dresses or Skirts? – Dresses! 

Stripes or Plaid? – Stripes… vertical ones!

Flip-flops or Sandals? – Anything that is comfortable to move around & doesn’t hurt me….oh yeah.. and looks good too 🙂

Scarves or Hats? – Scarves.. to add that feminine touch.

Studs or Dangly earrings? – Danglers, chandeliers, all the way….. I love chunky, heavy pieces a lot!

Necklaces or Bracelets? – Bracelets.. I am an animated talker & my arm-candies help a lot 😛

Heels or Flats? – Moderate heels & kitten heels.. I feel I am not wearing anything at all when I wear flats 😀

Cowboy boots or Riding boots? – I don’t like boots at all.. somehow! 🙁

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? – None of them in my city! Though Forever 21 has a better chance of making it here…. 

Saks 5th or Nordstrom? – Depends on who is paying! 😀


Curly or Straight? – My hair is naturally straight & I love it! Would love to experiment with some curls too.

Bun or Ponytail? – Ponytail.. somehow buns don’t suit my ‘bun’ face! 🙂

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips? – Butterfly clips, baby.

Hair spray or Gel? – None! My hair thankfully is well-behaved.

Long or Short? – Short & stylish is what I like.

Light or Dark? – Dark

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs? – Think side sweeps suit me a lot better!

Up or Down? – Down & flowing.. 🙂

Rain or Shine? – Shine is lot more bearable than rain & chill & ensuing sneezes 😀

Summer or Winter? – Its summers for me!

Fall or Spring? – Spring for the freshness it brings in… But really hope we do have these in my part of the world! 😀

Chocolate or Vanilla? – Vanilla.. no chocolates in anything for me!

East coast or West coast? – Ha ha…Both if u meant the US (East for New York & West for Las Vegas.. I really hope I go there someday!) In India.. the East of course.,, for the beautiful & unexplored hilly terrains & serene beauty! 🙂
Hope you all liked going through my ‘this or that’ choices… 🙂
I am tagging the following lovely ladies – 
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Keep the tag rolling gals….Would love to know more about you! 😀 <3

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