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I ventured to my makeup expeditions starting with eye makeup. First it was plain kohl and then I wanted to try eye shadows. I bought a lot of eye shadows before I learnt how to use them properly. Initially I had a few misses but now I am pretty confident in wearing eye shadows on a daily basis. I use neutral ones mostly but at times I don’t mind a pop of color too on my eyes.

Today I am here with an eye shadow – Divine by Be a Bombshell.


Formula: A high pigmented long lasting formula for all day wear.

Bombshell Application: To use as an eyeliner wet the tip of your brush dip end into the shadow and apply on lash line. For base colors, blend shadow from lash line to brow bone with a wide shadow brush using gentle upward strokes. For accent colors, blend shade in the outer crease of your eye gently working inward. Gently blend base and accent colors together using light, feathery strokes. For highlighting gently brush under brow bone.

Bombshell Tip: To intensify your look use eyeliner, a base color, accent color, and a highlighter. Have fun creating many different looks from our bombshell assortment.


Divine – Baby Blue – Pale blue with shimmer

Great For: Accenting, base color, or highlighting.


I really like the packaging. It looks so much like a MAC single eye shadow. It comes in a black paper carton and the pan is also just like the black MAC eye shadow pan. 

The lid is transparent and the shade is visible without having to open the eye shadow pan. The packing is sturdy and travel friendly. The shade name is written on the cover of the eye shadow and at the base of the pan.
I really like the girl’s silhouette printed on the pan… Don’t you?

Price : $14 for 1.5 g. The shelf life is 12 months.

The shade is a frosty silvery blue which very closely resembles MAC “Suave Intentions” single eye shadow in shade and finish. I do not have the MAC one with me, so cannot compare both.

The pigmentation of this eye shadow is decent. There is subtle shimmer with silver undertones. But it is not glittery and wearable for any occasion. 

Due to the finish, it needs layering to get an opaque coverage. But this shade is more like a base or high lighter shade. 
Due to the blue color, I don’t prefer an intense application of this shade on my lids. I use a sheer wash of it for a subtle look with a pop. It glides smoothly and blends well. However, the application is not even in one go. I have to layer it to get an even look on my oily lids. 
It stays on my lids for the entire day but starts to fade after around 5 hours. Anyhow, I didn’t observe any creasing on my eye lids. I always use an eye primer or a paint pot since I have excessively oily eye lids. 
Another good thing about this eye shadow is that there is minimal fall out. 

I have used a sheer wash of color on my eye lids using the eyeshadow Divine to get a pop of color on my lids.


1. Multipurpose shade – can be used as base or highlighter

2. Decent pigmentation

3. The shimmer is subtle making it wearable

4. Pigmentation can be built

5. Easy application and blending

6. Good staying power

7. No creasing

8. Minimal fall out.

9. Sturdy and travel friendly packing.

10. The full ingredients list printed on the cover


1. Being of frosty finish it requires layering to build up the color

2. The application may not be even in the first go

3. Availability in India

4. Pricey

Overall, this is a good product but since price being comparable to MAC I would obviously choose a MAC over this. 

If I get a chance I would like to try some other shades in this brand since it is not a brand which has got much attention from makeup lovers. I will give this eye shadow a rating of 3.5/5.

Hope you liked my review. I wish to know your views via your lovely comments.

By Nisha Tiwari.

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