Bath & Body Works Plumeria Shower Gel

Hey friends.. How ya all doing?Let’s see about Bath & Body Works Plumeria Shower Gel in this post.

I love floral fragrances & I was hopeful this won’t be too strong for my choice, once it landed in my hands.

Read on to know how I liked this shower gel…

Price: Originally priced at USD 10-11. I got mine on offer for $3 from the States.

Shelf life: 3 yrs.

What the product claims:

The way I see it:

Simply said – I love this shower gel! 🙂

Amazing fragrance of Plumeria.. that will floor anybody! Just the right strength of fragrance to pep your mood anytime of the day – not too strong, not too subtle.

I generally get bored of soaps & shower gels pretty quickly.. but this is one product that broke the routine.. I love reaching out to it everytime! 😀

Its a transparent pink runny gel & lathers very well.

It does not dry out the skin.. but no missing the moisturizer!

A little product about a coin size is required for a single use with a loofah.

Sadly, the fragrance doesn’t stay on the skin once you are outta shower.. 🙁

One bottle of this shower gel could last you a year if used just once a day.. Hence quite economical, considering the pros.

Overall, this is a total love for me! 🙂

I am just hoping somebody comes to India again from the US in the coming days, so that I can hoard on more BBW products! 😀

Yeah, availability in India is quite an issue & some shopping sites sell BBW products at super-premium rates!

In the US, BBW is mostly on offer – throughout the year.. catch hold of a friend soon for your BBW stock 🙂

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