#Banjaras Samvridhi Hair Oil & Hair Pack

I am going through a bad hair phase (as I have claimed multiple times over in this blog! :P) and always open to try hair care stuff that promises hair growth and hair fall control.

Stumbled upon one such amazing concoction of hair beneficial ingredients in Banjara’s “Samvridhi” Hair Oil & Hair Pack!

Banjara’s is a household name back here in Hyderabad where the brand is based out of and I remember trying various face packs from this brand back when it got launched some 6-7 years back!

My Satthwa Premium Hair Oil got over and I had lined up the Banjaras Samvridhi range for trial next. Here is my review after using these two products for 2 weeks now (almost 3 uses of each, I would say!)



The hair oil comes in a fresh green, soothing to the eyes packaging in a simple, transparent bottle with a stopper to control oil flow. The label has all required details about the product, ingredients, how to use, etc.

“Samvridhi” hair oil is a mix of 8 essential herbs in an amalgamation of various oils. “Vridhi” means “growth” in Sanskrit.

The actual product is a golden liquid, quite light for an oil (not dense) and not very sticky to apply as well. It has a pleasant herbal fragrance that smells nice – not too strong or artificial.

Hair was very soft and shiny whenever I used this oil for a quick massage and leave on for 30 minutes – 1 hr. before washing off. Very less frizz in this dry weather (even in the cold North Indian winters), that too without any conditioner following suit.

It washes off easily too – I am used to shampoo twice, whenever I have oiled my hair.

It gives a very relaxing feeling with its pleasant smell and texture, that even people who don’t prefer to oil their mane generally for the fragrance/density factor will love this one.

It just been 2 weeks, so I have not seen any hair fall reduction with use of this product and I really hope it helps me out. With intermediate travel and change in water frequently, I am not expecting any product to do any kind of miracle in my hair right now!

With once a week use, this bottle should last about 2 months for medium length hair. Very economical at this price and quantity with a powerhouse of ingredients!



Now I like multi-tasking products and ones that are good at all given tasks.. Just like me! 😛

I have to admit I like this hair pack more than the oil – since this is the same cocktail as the hair oil in a creamy paste form. You just need to apply it for 15-20 minutes on your scalp and hair, just like oil and wash off.

But hold on – you wouldn’t need any separate hair cleanser/shampoo, but this multi-tasking guy is going to lather up himself and clean up the scalp/hair for you! 🙂

The hair pack comes in a flip-open tube and the pack is quite thick. A little task to squeeze out some product as you use it up. Very travel friendly for those who want to take care of their hair all the time, without having to deal with soiled party wear and baggage – thanks to oil containers!

It has the same fragrance as the hair oil and grainy in texture. Also it doesn’t lather like crazy.. only a wee bit to deal with some dirt and product removal from the scalp.

My hair feels fresh for good 3 days after using this hair pack, with minimal frizz and good bounce.

For thinning, medium-length hair like mine, one tube would give about 5 uses. That’s about a month or little more’s use for just 100 bucks!

I am definitely repurchasing this product for those days when I am lazy to apply hair oil or want some hair TLC while travelling.

Both of these products cost just INR 399 in all and is great for some haircare with natural ingredients –  the Ayurvedic way! I am particularly in love with the hair pack and would highly recommend to try one.

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