Baby Dove Nourishing Baby Lotion

Baby Dove launched in India last month around the same time and we had an official launch event in Hyderabad too.

I had received a Baby Dove kit along with other goodies at the event and shall be reviewing my most favorite product from the kit in this post today.


The body lotion comes in a cute and sleek jar with a flip open cap. Looks damn pretty on the dresser!

Baby Dove logo is nothing but the original blue dove with a smaller golden dove with it. My kid totally loves the logo! He always points out that the blue dove is mama and small golden dove is himself! 🙂

Though this body lotion is primarily meant for babies, I couldn’t stop myself from trying it out – and I am glad I did!

The product is a little thick and creamy for a lotion, is white and absorbs quickly into the skin. It has a gentle fragrance like other Dove products.

Coming to its moisturizing factor, I have quite dry skin on the body and I can see that this product immediately nourishes my skin as claimed. My wrinkled-looking, dry hands (if you can understand what I mean)  get an uplift immediately and look much better and soft to touch.

My boy apparently has dry skin too and this lotion works like a charm on him too.

At just INR 180 for 200 ml., this is one of the best-priced baby care products out there from such a reputed brand like Dove! Plus its easily available at most pharmacy and supermarkets.

Both of us love the Baby Dove Body Lotion for its cute bottle, mild scent and how it absorbs and works quickly – it’s a sweet ritual that I and my boy share everyday together!

Only con would be that I don’t see any mention on whether this product is “suitable from birth”. Would be great if the brand mentions that in all of its products, for new moms & moms-to-be have a better idea.

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