Baby Dove Bathing Bar (Rich Moisture)

I had reviewed Baby Dove Nourishing Baby Lotion in the blog earlier. You can also read about complete details on the official Baby Dove brand launch here in Hyderabad in my parenting blog – A Crappy Mom.


Baby Dove bathing bar comes in two variants – Rich Moisture & Sensitive.

Both these bars are priced at INR 27 for 50 g and INR 48 for 75 g.

This baby bar is everything like its predecessor “mommy bars” if I can say so. The look, size, appeal & fragrance are all very similar to the adults/women’s range.

It lathers pretty well – a creamy one like the traditional Dove bars and do not leave the skin dry unlike normal soaps.

By non-drying I don’t mean, you need not apply a baby lotion afterwards, but it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils – considering how tender skin our kids have.

One soap lasts for about a month and little more – and that’s a great deal at just 27 bucks!

We are in need of affordable yet quality skincare & personal care stuff for kids, and Baby Dove has tried to bridge that gap a little better with its affordable pricing of products that work, backed by Dove’s brand reputation to start with!

I am personally not a soap bar person. But I tried another of this bar for myself (after ages, I bought a Dove bar) and liked how it left my skin natural – not dry & taut unlike other bars/shower gels.

Sharing a personal experience…

I was doing some last minute shopping for my travel, when I see this lady entering the supermarket with her little one (about 2 year old). With a quizzical look she asks the SA to help her with some cream for her boy’s dry skin. I pitched in between asking if I could help and handed her both the Dove Sensitive Bathing Bar & Baby Lotion, mentioning I personally use this on my little one. She got confident at the end of it and was infact really glad that she could afford some Dove products for her loved one within her budget (under 200 bucks!).

Trust me – Both these products are great!

As cited in my earlier post,  I don’t see any mention on whether this product is suitable for “new borns”. Would be great if the brand mentions that in all of its products, for new moms & moms-to-be have a better idea.
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