Avon Solutions Youth Minerals Cream Cleanser – Review!

Hey everyone!Today’s post is a review on Avon Solutions Youth Minerals Cream Cleanser.

This product was launched as part of the new “Avon Solutions” range couple of months back.

The “Youth Minerals” range is targeted at anti-aging & all the products come in lilac packaging.

Price: INR 289 for 100 g. (Available on discount most of the times)

Shelf life: 3 yrs.

Ingredients: Refer the below pic.


Ideal tube packaging with a flip-open cap with lilac ombre effect. The tube is long and is not filled with air like most of the other products in the market.

The nozzle is of medium size to let out required product.  Thumbs up!

What the product claims: 

The way I see it:

The product is ashy-white in color and is quite thick in consistency.

The fragrance is mild & smells of lilies  I am sure every woman would love this mild lily fragrance, even the sensitive ones would appreciate it.

The directions in the pack says that the product would lather well. Though the one I received doesn’t lather at all – not even a single soap bubble forms! 🙂

The product when mixed with water is easy to apply on the skin.

It cleans up the face quite well & does not leave it dry or stretchy post usage.

There is slight brightening feel-good factor immediately upon washing the face with this cleanser – which is short-lived.

This cleanser won’t be able to remove all of your makeup – particularly stubborn eye makeup!

You would definitely have to use a makeup remover or oil to get rid of your makeup first and then following with this cleanser.

As far as the claims of anti-aging, I don’t see anything happening in that front – though the product boasts of precious stones & minerals included in its ingredients.

It is just another cleanser in the market – one that doesn’t lather (atleast in my case!) plus no drying the skin post usage.

Even if used twice daily, one tube would last for months.

I am liking this cleanser this winter, owing to its creamy texture.

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Flip-open tube packaging
  • Mild soothing fragrance
  • Won’t bother the nose
  • Creamy texture
  • Ideal for monsoon/winters
  • Brightens up the face (temporarily)
  • Available on discounts most of the times
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • No specific anti-aging effect
  • Doesn’t lather at all
  • Available only through Avon reps.
  • Does not remove all of the makeup
HnB rating: 3/5
Recommend? – Not a must have. Give it a try if you prefer cream cleansers or products that smell mild & doesn’t lather.

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  • I wanted to know how it is! Thanks for the review. 😀 I hv the pink one from the solution range and that lathers fine. Though not like ponds but still it does lather up pretty much and that good for makeup as well. 🙂 Except for long stay makeup it removes every single thing.So love it for that but i am bored with it now… as it has been 4 months already and i am yet to finish the tube. 🙁 :/

    • most welcome dear.. 🙂 i too was wondering only my tube is defective or what karke… 😀

      i m thinking of trying a toner from this range though… i m also tired of this cleanser n just want to finish it off by winter..:(

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