Avon Scentini Rose Fizz Eau De Toilette

Hey dear ones…How is the weekend shaping for you all? Shopped for something?

I am in my accessories-frenzy phase these days.. Have ordered loads of accessories (mostly earrings & finger rings) in the past week… Just waiting for those babies to come to mama 😀

Talking about frenzy, another thing I am equally crazy about is perfumes! I love trying new & fresh fragrances… but have rarely bought one in life… Almost all of my perfumes are gifts from then-loverboy-now-hubby & returning-from-firang-friends! 😀

The product to be reviewed today – Avon Scentini Rose Fizz Eau De Toilette Spray, is one of those rare occasions when I had spent money outta my pocket to pick a perfume.

Price: INR 669 for 30 ml. (Available on offer most of the times)

What the product claims:

The way I see it:

Avon Scentini has 2 perfumes in the range – Rose Fizz & Plum Twist. There is another variant Citrus Chill available too – though I don’t remember seeing it in the India catalog. Correct me if I am wrong…

Naturally I picked Rose Fizz owing to my nasal affliction for roses! 🙂

These were launched somewhere in 2011 & their prices have been ramped by almost 40% now, I would say.

The packaging is compact, cute, handy & sturdy.

Its actually bi-phasic or like a cocktail – a pink section at the top & clear liquid at the bottom. You need to shake up the perfume well, to mix the liquids before spritzing.

I picked this thinking it would have fragrance that of fresh roses – but it fizzed out! 🙁

The top notes in this perfume are rather fruity & when the middle notes get exposed one can faintly smell of roses.

I rather find this perfume more citrusy in nature. Since I love citrus fragrances, I am liking using this perfume – though my expectations of a rosy fragrance has dampened.

Its light & ideal for daily use. Its feminine & not too sweet a fragrance as well.

The ‘Yay’ factors:

  • Cute & compact bottle
  • Attractive pink liquid
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Fruity, tangy fragrance
  • Stays put for good 5-6 hrs. on me
  • Feminine, not too sweet fragrance
  • Good pricing
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Rose Fizz? Where is the ‘ROSE’?
  • Will finish up soon
Its quite easy to find out Avon representatives these days, to catch hold of their products… So not a con really!
You can reach out to me as well in case you are looking to pick this one or any Avon product.
For now, I am liking this & not sure if  I would repurchase it again or not. But, I would definitely recommend this one to other gals looking for subtle, feminine fragrances that are pocket-friendly too.

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Your thoughts here...