Avon Rose Petal Whitening Mask

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This review on “Avon Rose Petal Whitening Mask” has been a long pending one, ever since I got this as a new launch late last year.

Price: INR 249 (Got it on introductory offer)


It comes in a transparent tub with a screw-on lid. There is a plastic inner lid to prevent spillage & mess.

The way I see it:

I get excited & attracted about anything that has to do with roses! This purchase is one such impulsive buy.

The mask is a translucent red gel of medium thickness. Applies easily on the skin & goes clear on application… so you are not left to scare the shit out of neighborhood kids πŸ˜€

It has some suspended thread like particles in it, which Avon calls “rose petals”.

The fragrance is that of artificial roses.. a little let down for a die-hard rose fragrance lover like me! Nevertheless it ain’t too strong to bother your noses.

I could not locate the pic I took showing the ingredients list of this mask.. Any how… rose is the last item to be spotted in the ingredients list (as expected!)

It gives a slightly cool feeling on application & in case you apply it too close to your eyes, you might feel little burning sensation in the eyes.. thanks to all the chemicals present!

It gives some brightening effect after application… which lasts for about a day! Honestly.. in the first 2-3 uses, I decided it was a dud.. I coz I failed to notice even that shortlived brightening! πŸ™

It moisturizes the skin well..there is no stretchy feeling afterwards & washes off easily too.

Its just a keep sake product for me… I might try using this as a massage gel and get rid of it! Not interested in applying this as a mask, wait for sometime & end up seeing no results! πŸ™

I would not suggest this product to anyone who expect something..atleast some bare minimum results outta there facial masks like me! If you just like applying masks for just the feel good factor… you can pick this one when on offer!

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Your thoughts here...