Aroma Treasures Petitgrain Hand & Foot Mask

Review by Christina.

I was in two minds about trying a product from Aroma Treasures because I had not read a single review of their products. What the heck!
Since it was affordable and I was looking to get rid of the horrible tan on my feet, buying it appeared to be the perfect solution. I ended up getting two products, one a face mask and one a foot and hand mask.
What the brand claims:
The effects of our products are largely
based on their usage of ready to use 100% natural oils, essential oils, vegetable oils and, herbal extracts, sea salts, clay and mud.  The products are as ‘Pure as

Trivia – Essential oils are natural extracted from plants to induce relaxation,
increase energy and reduce the effect of stress.  It seeks the overall balance of mind body and
These are the essential oils used in the Aroma Treasures Petitgrain Hand & Foot Mask:

·         Petitgrain:  Helps in balancing and rejuvenating your mind and body. The essential oil of Petitgrain
is recommended for stress.
·        Ylang Ylang:  It is a floral oil.  Floral oils
increase confidence and reduce depression, anxiety and stress.  The essential oil of Ylang Ylang is
recommended for stress and insomnia.
·        Tea Tree:  It is a middle note that gives a relaxing and cooling
effect. It can even have a sedating
I hoped I would not get a rash or any such thing after using this mask and was delighted
when nothing of that sort happened.  
tub as you can see comes with a screw on lid and so yes you will have to dip
your fingers into it.  I saw some lovely
spatulas that other day at a nearby store meant for packs and stuff…you could consider keeping
one for such purposes.
The scent of the
product is lovely and so is the texture – smooth and creamy.  It is easy to apply and you do not need a thick
It gets washed off easily and I just had to use a small dry brush around the nails
so that there would be no residue.  It
left my feet brighter and looking nice over all.
I had to put cream at night on my feet
because I felt a bit of dryness.  Other
than that I was 100% pleased with the results.
How would you like to take a look at my feet with this mask on??? Here you go…
Now if you are wondering if the results were temporary well, I wondered
too.  But, they were permanent.  My feet looked clean and the same color as
my legs in the morning and the following week as well.  Whenever they get tanned, I used this mask to get rid of them.
If you have no
alternative but to wear slippers then you should maintain your feet.  Many people look at the feet and that often
gives you away. Doesn’t look very nice when you wear a MAC lipstick
and have disgusting feet!
Removes dead cells
Fades the tan
Cleanses skin of
dirt and impurities
Gives fresh, smooth
Contains essential
oils of petitgrain, ylang ylang and tea tree
Made with natural
Lovely scent
Easy to use
Does what it claims
·         Easy to store and
carry around
Quantity is good
for the price
Follow up with moisturizer as it tends to dry the skin slightly
Considering I go for a pedicure every 25 days, I would like to use it at
least twice in between pedicures.  It
does a fabulous and easy clean-up.  It is
light on the pocket and I would highly recommend it. 

HnB Ed* – I am definitely picking this soon 🙂

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