#ArganDew Miraculous #ArganOil and Replenishing #HairMask

Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2015! 🙂

Kicking off the New Year in the blog with a lovely product that I got to try back in 2014…..
Miraculous Argan Oil & Replenishing Hair Mask from an Israeli brand – Argan Dew.
This post has been a long pending one. Got dusted off from the drafts today! Isn’t New Year all about overcoming your defaults and turn a new leaf….  Let me see how good I get rid of my procrastination habit this year around! 🙂
Let’s get started with the product review one by one. I had 3 sachets each of these two products.

Brand’s claim:
With its exceptionally rich formula, Argan Dew Miraculous Oil acts as a daily double action treatment for all hair types by protecting and rehydrating dry, dull and damaged hair from root to tip, repairing and nourishing each strand. Argan Dew Oil contains essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that work all day long to fortify the hair-improving strength, preventing frizz and creating healthy shine that lasts. 
We take pride in our products. Argan Dew Oil is not tested on animals and is SLS/SLES, paraben and alcohol free.
My take
The argan oil has a rose gold tint and is slightly thicker. One sachet of the argan oil gave me 4 uses easily. (I have medium length hair)

The fragrance is totally uplifting – just love how it smells – divine should be the word!
I use it as a leave-in serum sometimes, at times as heat protectant before a blow dry and sometimes apply it to the roots so that I get to sniff it! 🙂
Hair instantly feels smooth owing to the silicone up first in the ingredients list.
It doesn’t weigh the hair down nor makes it sticky or oily. It adds a nice shine to the hair and also makes it much more smoother and silkier to feel than before.
My hair is not frizzy – so cannot really comment on it, but I can tell you the oil makes the hair softer and manageable.
What more – its also SLS/SLES, paraben and alcohol free! 🙂
Price – $39 (Now on sale at $23.40)

Brand’s claim
Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask uses only the purest oils from the Moroccan Argan tree to restore and boost the health of your hair. Not only does is revitalize all hair types but it also protects from future damage by forming a protective layer to keep it moisturized and safe from the stress caused by daily styling and natural elements. 
We take pride in our products. Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask is not tested on animals and is SLS/SLES free.
My take
The hair mask is a thick white paste and has the same mind blowing fragrance as the argan oil.
This product contains silicone too. It detangles hair immediately upon application while making it very smooth and soft to touch and feel.
One sachet lasts for 2 uses. It does not weigh down the hair and is suitable for all hair types.
Once you use the mask, you are left with amazingly fragrant & visibly smooth (I sound like the commercials!) hair for the day and the next! I keep touching my hair pretty often (not usual of me!) to feel the silky soft smoothness and sniffing at it for the calming fragrance.
Price: $44 (Now on sale at $26.40)
Its an amazing brand that I tried out, though the products have silicone. Yes, the products are a little pricey – but worth the money!
Buy these products from Argan Dew Official Website – Now 40% less priced!
The ‘Yay’ factors
1. Classy packaging with Moroccan prints
2. SLS/SLES, Alcohol and paraben free
3. Mind blowing fragrance
4. Hair is visibly soft, smooth and manageable
5. Results from the first use
6. Worldwide shipping available
The ‘Nay’ factors
1. Contains silicone
2. Higher price tag
I am very much looking forward to pick the replenishing hair mask since I love the divine fragrance it leaves on my hair after every wash.
Leaving with details on “Argan Oil” –
PR Sample. Unbiased review.