Another sampling service in the block – Try or Trade?

Hello people..I know I have been MIA for about a week now… Hopefully I get to be regular here going forward πŸ™‚

We all have tried & tested various sampling services already like Blisscovered, Vellvette, Enchantess, et al.

Today I wanted to share with you about another lesser known baby in the same block – which is Try or Trade.

I came to know of this service from Prat’s Musings site, where she had talked about this in detail.

I too wanted to give a try in this trade..and lo! I ordered few samples too…

Let me tell you how you go about this service..

Try or Trade – How does it work?

You are free to choose samples of your choice from their website. No thrusting of samples on you.

You can pick upto a maximum of 4 samples at a time.

Some samples come for free, while some are priced – either discounted or not.

Shipping is a flat – INR 59 for all the 4 products (around 14-15 bucks for each sample).

All the samples are shipped together.

Inspite of carting priced samples, the entire box value comes around only INR 150 (including shipping), which is around half of what other sampling boxes cost you.

What brands are available for sampling?

The site is just growing in terms of samples & the variety of products and brands they hold.

Brands that you can pick as of now include –

  • Vedantika Herbals
  • Herbal Hills
  • Finesse
  • Azafran
  • VLCC
  • Enliven
  • Malia Bar
  • Rustic Art
  • Biotique
  • Nirvaaha
  • C Green
  • Sattvik Organics

I have tried and put the list of almost all the brands available in the site.

You can see that most of the brands are herbal, organic or indigenous.

You get to pick to from shampoos, soaps, face packs to cooking oil, organic eatables & herbs.

If you are a lot into skin care & are always on the lookout for natural & organic products both in your vanity and kitchen, this can turn out to be a decent place to check out samples.

Flavored cooking oils & sample sized organic cookies and herbs like wheatgrass are definitely a good try as samples first.

It also doesn’t hurt to pick samples of soaps or face packs before you decide if you actually want to pick the full size of it, since most other sites would be stocking up only the full size of Β these brands.

My experience with TryorTrade

The site is easy to navigate through and is one of the simplest I have ever been to.

Creating your account with TryorTrade is a must before you checkout your samples cart.

I placed my order on April 3 and immediately received a confirmation mail on the order.

I received my products only on April 13 – which I feel is slow in terms of shipping.

My products arrived in a black box with an outer wrapper.

Also when I had dropped a mail on April 8 asking about the delivery of samples, there was no response from the team, but I received a mail from them on April 14 mentioning that my products have been shipped.

This simply means they need to improve on their customer service & response.

Overall, I am looking for TryorTrade to add more brands & wide range of products in their kitty in the coming days, so that we are spoilt for choice… πŸ™‚

They can also drop in mails to registered users – highlighting what new products have been added in the site.

The big plus here is – you can choose whatever samples you want!

Nobody is thrusting samples on you that is not of your taste or skin type, no issues of subscription & cancellation!

I am really liking this concept in that sense.

Now to what I picked from the site –

1. Rustic Art Divine Body Massage Oil – 30 ml. (Price INR 0, worth INR 50)
2. Sattvik Organics Sunban Remedy Cream for Tan Removal – 12 g. (Priced at INR 55, worth INR 59)
3. Nirvaaha Naturo Milk Soap – 25 g. (Priced at INR 25, worth INR 25 too)
4. Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack – (Price at INR 25, worth INR 25 too)

All the other samples reached me safe except for the Rustic Art Oil. Though it was taped around its lid, it did have some leakage. I am expecting more care from the team while shipping liquids.

Overall, I feel it was a decent buy- I got to try few samples of my choice that too from lesser known yet natural & organic brands.

Will you be give this service a try?

HnB Ed – 50% off on your April sampling box from TryorTrade. Coupon – SUMMERBLAST.

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Your thoughts here...