Pretty Indian ethnic jewellery!

Sometime (weeks!!) back I had posted about my B’day Surprise gifts – Part 1 from hubby dearest.

Well… I a month more older now than I was on my b’day this year… and have managed to finally post this today! 😀

Crazy EOSS was going on everywhere & I was browsing various online portals checking of what to buy from them & hit on some imitation jewellery. (Those who know me better, also know that I steer clear of gold jewellery..somehow aurum doesn’t interest me!)

I wanted these 2 necklace sets am I gonna show you below badly & mum said its on her!

Bahm! There I ordered & it reached me right in time to be a part of my b’day gifts! 😀


Perfect for Indian ethnic wear – particularly sarees!


This necklace set with Ganesha motifs caught my fancy… as I have been lusting over motifs of deities for long now! Lakshmi…Krishna..Ganesha.. <3

This one has a dull gold finish with some black enamel work to add to that rustic look..

That’s it for today gals… I shall try my best to be regular on the blog! Blame it on my work schedule…

Shall be doing another post on what my lovely pals gifted me this b’day too… sooooon!!! 😀

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...