DIY Makeup Remover

Good evening gals!Like the most of you, my hunt for that HG makeup remover was on for a long!

I really liked Revlon Eye & Lip Makeup Remover a lot, but it was too creamy for summers and didn’t want to have breakouts.

Then Lakme Absolute Biphasic Makeup Remover happened. I went gaga over it initially.. after sometime it started stinging my eyes badly that I had to giveaway the rest of it to someone else.

As you can see from my above points, all I look for in my makeup remover is –

  • Should be non-sticky or leave a greasy/oily feel after usage
  • Should not break me out
  • Should not sting my eyes (as if I pointed a laser gun directly into my retina!)
  • Of course, effectively remove waterproof & stubborn eye makeup & lippie too.
Ain’t a simple list? And so far tested so many makeup removers that just didn’t fit the bill…
Lancome Bi-facil Makeup Remover was on my hit list as the sole choice.. until I stumbled upon various blogs & forums talking about DIY makeup remover with baby oil, baby shampoo, olive oil and the likes..
Here is my version of a DIY Makeup Remover.
All that you need to this DIY are –
  • An empty see-through container (preferably a spray bottle)
  • Sweet Almond oil – 100 ml.
  • Rose water – 100 ml.
  • Hand sanitizer
Step# 1 – Get the container ready
I washed my TBS Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion container thoroughly, once empty.
Its not a spray container but comes with a pump dispenser with a lock – hence became a natural choice for me.
Once the container is dry, pour in good amount of hand sanitizer and roll it over until the sanitizer spreads to all sides. Pour some sanitizer into the straw/pipe & wipe the nozzle too.
Let the sanitizer dry naturally.
Step# 2 – Transfer contents
Once your container is dry, first add 100 ml. of rose water to it.
Then pour in 100 ml. of sweet almond oil over the rose water slowly.
Both the rose water & sweet almond oil I used in this DIY are from Patanjali – priced at INR 25 & INR 100 respectively, for 100 ml. each.
Your DIY makeup remover is ready!
How to use:
You just prepared a bi-phasic makeup remover in 10 minutes flat! πŸ˜€
Whenever you wanna get the ball rolling, shake the container well – so that both the liquids mix up.
Spray some on to your cotton pad and you are good to go.
Almond oil is a renowned makeup remover that is gentle & soothing on the skin too.
Rose water too helps to remove dirt & impurites and also cools down the skin.
You can use olive oil, coconut oil or a mix of oils too in your DIY.
It is not a bit harsh on the skin or eyes.. removes stubborn eye makeup well with less the same time natural on the skin and easy on the pocket too.
Say bye to stinging! Say hi to glowing skin while you remove makeup with this DIY Makeup Remover! πŸ˜€
What is your current favorite makeup remover? Will you give this DIY a try?

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