8 Ways To Organize Your Skivvies

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Was organizing my wardrobe last weekend (which was a mess after all the travel I have been doing off late and my sheer laziness!) and struck upon an idea to do a post on organizing your lingerie neatly, so that you never have to search for a particular skivvy next time.

I was thinking in what all other ways can one organize lingerie and BAHM! – This post! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here you go with some options to organize your lingerie – 

1.Drawer Dividers

These are easily available and simple to assemble too – customized to your drawer fitment. You can remove and assemble any time you want to.

 I am planning to buy a drawer divider soon for myself and see how it helps in organizing my stuff – both lingerie and other accessories.

2. Drawer Boxes

These are readymade, deep boxes available in different shapes and sizes. You just need to purchase some and place them in your drawer and start storing your undies.

You could use the below one to stock your panties/stockings/socks in its pockets.

The below ones are easily available too that are made of thick cardboard. You get some wrapped in cloth or jute as well. I have used something like this before and found it to be  really useful. (Had to throw mine away since it got too old)

You get drawer boxes like the below ones as well – specifically designed to keep lingerie, designed for bras, briefs, hand towels and swimwear.

3. Overdoor bag

Simply buy a transparent overdoor shoe bag and convert it as your stockings and socks organizer!

Hang one inside your wardrobe door or in your changing closet and you are sorted! ๐Ÿ˜€

4. Lingerie Hanger

Did you know there are special hangers just for bras? There are, and they come in a mind-blowing array of colors and styles. I too came to know about them only when I spotted them in the closet of one of the luxury hotels ๐Ÿ˜€

They are small and compact and some are shaped to protect padded cups. Usually these are padded and dainty to look at that you will fall in love with them.

Hang your bras one in each hanger and just give your padded bras enough space so that the cups donโ€™t get squished or the wired don’t get bent out of shape.

5. Boobie Trap

Pondering over the name? LOL.. Happened with me too first! 

Yes, this product actually exists, and itโ€™s really called the Boobie Trap. I got to know about this when browsing for lingerie organizing options.

It fits inside a dresser drawer and holds four bras while preserving their shape. You can buy multiples to help you stack your bras neatly. Ideal for padded ones.

6. Lingerie Trunk

Another cute and functional product I stumbled upon when browsing for lingerie organizers. A simple PE trunk like box to hold your skivvies.

These can be placed inside a closet, but theyโ€™re cute enough to be left out in the open, too. If your closet space is limited, place these on top of a chest of drawers or in a corner.

What more! You can buy one for the “man” in your life too!

7. Separate out 

If you have the space in your bedroom and want to feel super-fancy getting dressed each morning, give your lingerie its own small dresser or chest of drawers.

The โ€œrulesโ€ here are the same as with a dresser full of clothes: separate items so that slips are in one drawer, bras in another, and so on. 

And place the items you use most often in the drawers that are easiest to reach, leaving the special occasion pieces in harder to access drawers.

8. Free-for-all organizer

 If you donโ€™t want to buy anything extra just for lingerie storage, just let your underwear take over a drawer (like how mine is now!)

Padded, delicate and elaborate bras can be lined up, while sports bras, non-padded bras, and other intimates can simply be folded and placed in an array.

I am hoping to pick those cute lingerie trunks and the drawer dividers soon for organizing my skivvies better! 

How do you organize yours? Any other ways you know to organize lingerie better?

P.S. – I do not own any of these images. All of them taken from Google.

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