8 Things You Should Be Cleaning Regularly In Your House

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Hectic work schedule & woodwork going on at the home is not giving me enough time to sit down and blog.

You will see more posts under the ‘Housie Wowsie’ section in the coming days here.. 😀

Interiors going on in the  house means – lots of dust, dirt, germs & strangely smelling air. I  see dust & dirt almost every where in the house these days… bed covers, curtains, walls, sofa, EVERYWHERE!

With a tiny tot, its imperative I maintain hygiene at the house & things in order!

This post is to help out not only people who are renovating the house besides living in it, but applicable for everyone out there.. just to keep allergies & pathogens away.


Every housekeeping journal & article I read, mentions to change them once every week.

Your bed cover would be home to not just dust, but also to dust mites, other germs, sweat, etc.

I too was following this to the core, changing bed & pillow covers every week – usually the weekends for me.

But with all the dust & dirt now & a baby too…. I am changing it twice a week to ensure more hygiene for the baby & cleaner, dust free rooms for us.

Though I was not really concerned about washing bed & pillow covers in hot water earlier, I am following it strictly now. Also adding some disinfectant liquid along with the softener in the washing machine.


Most pillows these days come labelled as ‘washable’. Its ideal to wash your pillow once every 3-6 months.

Remove the pillow cover & wash two pillows at a time. Hot dry or run dryer for extra time. Don’t use them until they are completely dry to avoid fungal growth.

In India, the Recron ones you get are all washable & come with wash insructions. Recron pillows are budget ones & have good life too. Am sure high end pillows too come with clear washing instructions.

In between washes, ensure you regularly change pillow covers to control dust mites & allergens.


Carpets catch most of the dust & dirt in the house practically! Cleaning them is one hell of a job. For this sole reason, I have removed carpet from the living room of the house since months!

Vacuum cleaning is the best option to free your carpet/rug from dust. Doing so weekly is again best! (Now you know, how the weekends go for a married woman :p)

In between washes, I would suggest spraying some perfume (the one you don’t like on yourself :P) in the evenings, so that your house feels & smells fragrant & uplifting!


Personally these are the most ignored part of housekeeping in most Indian households – mine too!

Once put on, they tend to hang on for life in most homes… 😛

Washing your curtains twice a month is a good idea.. or atleast once a month in today’s hectic life schedule only if your house is not prone to dirt & dust exposure from the streets!

I have recently adopted a DIY to keep bed covers, carpets & especially curtains – not only free from harmful germs & dust, but also smelling nice & fresh in between washes.

Shall share the DIY method with you all soon! 🙂


My hubby always says – “Don’t wash my jeans.. they are not thirsty!” 😛

One would get amused, if you agree with him when it comes to washing your jeans.

I wash our jeans once a month, since we get to wear it only on weekends.. which makes it 4-5 times a month. Over-washing your jeans, can also make them get worn out!


Wash them everyday simply! Preferably in hot water.

Your bra’s elastic needs time to reshape plus the sweat absorbed by it being too close to your body is a breeding ground to pathogens.

If you wash your bras in a washing machine, get a wash bag specifically designed for it… so that your pricey inner-wear retain shape even in the tug & pull of the machine.

You get these netted bra saver bags & bra wash balls easily in most online shopping portals these days.. though the idea is yet to catch up in India!

Again it is advised to wash your inner-wear on a daily basis.. but if time is not on your side always add some disinfectant to your last rinse.


You clean almost everything under the sun in your washing machine.. and do you know you gotta clean your machine once in a while too!

Infact not just once in a while, periodically…to keep germs & odor away from your machine, so that you get the best out of its each run. I do it once a month!

Fully automatic ones these days come with a self-cleaning option. All you have to do is, pour some detergent liquid & disinfectant liquid into the drum, fill water and let the machine run an empty load & clean itself. Hot water is ideal.


Okay.. I do not have a dishwasher.. this tip is from a colleague who has one!

To cleanse & deodorize, she suggested to use vinegar & baking soda.. separately or together. Keep a cup containing this in the top rack of your dishwasher & run a full cycle with hot water.

She advises cleaning dishwashers once a month this way.

Hope this article was useful for you… Let me know if you would like to see more articles in this series! 🙂

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