8 Different Ways to use Rose Water

Good evening gals.. How are you all doing?Today’s post is on tips to use rose water in seven different ways.

I am sure all of us must have used rose water (gulab jal) atleast once so far in our life & some still continue to use this amazing liquid.

I get floored for anything concerned with roses… rose water is no exception! 🙂

I keep trying rose water from different brands, but at the end of the day, I incorporate rose water into so many things in my routine.

So, why not share it with you too…

Here’s 7 different ways I use & u too can use our darling ‘rose water’…

1. As a toner

Most of you might already know this. Rose water makes up for a great toner for all type of skins (though very dry skinned people can avoid it).

It helps to close the pores naturally & there is no alcohol involved. So no worries about skin irritation, sensitivity or dryness caused by alcohol content in the toner.

Its a well-known astringent too.

2. Body Mist

It works as a great body mist too. Spritz some rose water directly on to your skin & let it dry naturally.

You would smell faintly of natural roses. No chemicals nor alcohol – neither burning nor skin darkening.

3. After shave

Use this as an after shave splash once your done with your razor job or epilator.

It provides a cooling sensation & also soothes the irritated skin.

4. Post waxing/threading

Many of us apply a lotion or moisturizer post waxing or a threading session. There are so many products that have come specifically for this purpose too.

But the idea of applying products loaded with chemicals, to irritated or disturbed skin area doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Try rose water instead.

It again soothes the skin & calms down the redness or rashes if any. The cooling effect it gives is again a big plus.

5. Mood uplifter

Yeah.. I really mean it. Whenever I feel dead tired, low or stressed out – I spritz some rose water onto my face & neck  & just lay down for some time.

I feel totally relaxed & comforted with rose fragrance around me…

6. In face packs

This again is quite known & an absolute must for me… I love mixing rose water with face pack powders like grounded oats, besan or fuller’s earth…

Though rose water is suitable for all skin types, they are ideal for combination or oily skinned beauties.

They are totally suitable for sensitive skins too – but it is always advisable to do a patch test before actually starting its usage.

7. Massaging

Spritzing some rose water on the face & a light massage with it before removing the face pack is another staple for me.

While massaging with a gel in my CMTM routine too, I use rose water instead of plain water. You can try this too.

8. Reduce dark circles

Regular usage of rose water on the eyes helps in reducing dark circles.

It helps to rejuvenate the eyes & get rid of tiredness.

After a long day, dip cotton pads in rose water and place it on your eyes while you lay down & rest. You are going to definitely get relaxed & your eyes refreshed.

Thus, rose water is a total must-have in my kitty in all seasons.

If you love rose fragrance just like me, you would love to get lost in its world 🙂

Do you like rose water? In what all ways do you use it?

Share with us in the comments section…

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