5 Reasons for Underarm Darkness

Hey people…So, here’s one important topic for you all – something that is a problem area for many of us too.

Underarm darkness!!

Not only they make us feel conscious while wearing sleeveless clothes/swimwear or travelling in public transport – it makes us feel embarrassing while at the salon too.

It makes one feel low and not the usual confident yourself.

Let us see the 5 major reasons that cause underarm dark patches –

1. Dead skin/cells

As simple as that – just like the dead cells on your face make your skin dull & uneven in complexion, dead cells in the underarm area too cause dryness & darkness there.

Very dry skin in any part of the body can cause darkness.

If accumulation of dead cells is the reason for darkness, it is so simple to eliminate it also.

2. Anti-perspirants/Deodorants

We all know how much these body sprays are loaded with chemicals and alcohol.

Alcohol when sprayed directly on this delicate area causes burning/itching sensation, ultimately leading to pigmentation & darkness of the arm pits.

3. Tight clothing

Yes – these days young ones are bent on wearing tight fitted clothes to flaunt their curves.

Continuous or prolonged friction in the underarm area due to tight clothes can irritate the skin and thereby make them dark.

4. Hormone & Weight factors

Being on the heavier side, naturally causes friction of the skin in the underarm area & cause darkness due to body heat.

Hormonal imbalances & excessive usage of oral contraceptives also have been known to cause underarm darkness.

Even, people with insulin resistance or diabetes also are prone to this issue.

In such cases, professional medical advice is highly important.

5. Shaving

This is quite a known causative.

Be it a razor or hair remover creams – these remove hair from the surface of the skin leading to darker appearance.

Over and above, hair remover creams are loaded with chemicals that can do only more harm than good in the long run.

Shaving also results in ingrown hair & uneven stubble – which you wouldn’t prefer to have when you want to wear your favorite sleeveless top.

Now that we have seen the various causes that lead to underarm darkness, let’s see how we can get rid of it in our next post.

I too had underarm darkness due to one of the above reasons & I am so happy that I got rid of it too now.

So, wait for my next post on the same topic soon…

Until then, c’ya..


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