5 Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix – Go Fish, Topanga, Clique, Heart On & I Heart This

Colorpop Cosmetics is the brand of the moment! Amazing quality, great variety and affordable prices are the USP of the brand!I managed to lay my hands on few of their famed lippie stix and a eyeshadow late last year through a friend and have been in love with Colorpop stuff ever since!


Colorpop Lippie Stix are basically twist-up lip crayons that come in various finishes – matte, glossy, satin, hyper-glossy, etc. All the lippie stix look alike in sleek white pen styled packaging with Colorpop hologram label. The color code at the bottom of the crayon helps identify the shade. Handy to carry in the wallet too.

These lippie stix are so pigmented that one swipe packs a power punch of pigment! Two swipes is good enough for an even, desired finish over the lips.

The matte ones too glide like butter on the lips and settle to a matte finish in seconds. The hyper-glossy ones make the lips look so luscious & full – perfect for evening wear!

The staying power of the matte ones is great with easily 6 hrs. of wear. The satin and the glossy ones stay put a little lesser like expected – atleast 4 hrs. All the shades leave a deep tint behind when they fade.

The matte shades are ruthless on the lips – dry them out badly! A very good prep of the lips is important to avoid lips looking flaky and parchy later!

I picked pretty bright shades…. shades I was not really confident wearing before like oranges and deep purple-toned pinks. Loving the shades and how they look on me totally!

GO FISH – Hyper Glossy, True Pink

TOPANGA – Satin, Peachy Pink

CLIQUE – Matte, Bright Orange, Perfect dupe of MAC Lady Danger

Heart On – Matte, Deep pink with purple tones, Good dupe of MAC Flat Out Fabulous

I Heart This – Matte, Bright fuchsia pink







P.S. – Excuse my bad brows! I am overgrowing my thin ones to make them look fuller before having them trimmed.

At 5 bucks, this product is bang on every aspect one looks for in a lipstick!

I am so dying to try Colorpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks that were OOS when I placed this order.

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