4 Mooligaa Products – Review!

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Reviewing 4 natural products from the Chennai-based brand, Mooligaa for you all today.
Let’s head on with the reviews directly…
1. Mooligaa Nalangu Maavu 
Nalangu Maavu is Tamil for ‘Body Cleanser/Polisher/Body Scrub’. It is good replacement for your soaps & shower gels, plus helps in exfoliation too.
This product can be used daily, though owing to the content I had – I tried twice a week as a body polisher.


It smells of fresh lentils & a little bit of tulsi too. It is very mild on the skin and cleans the skin effectively.
I have tried this with milk too as directed & it was indulgence, since I have never tried milk on my skin before.
There is this feeling that you have done something good to the skin post bath.
I have never tried this on my face though, but the product claims that it is safe to use on facial skin too.


The ingredients list is pretty impressive though I could rarely smells almonds or roses… 🙂
2. Mooligaa Face Lightening Pack
Another product with amazing ingredients in the cards!


I used this face pack everytime with rose water. Though initially it gave me an itchy feeling until it semi-dries, later it goes off.

The face pack dries fully in 10-15 minutes… I splash some rose water, massage leave it on for next 5 more minutes before I take it off.It is easy to remove when taken off with circular massaging motions in running cold water. It brightens the skin instantly and also I felt some tightening too.

There is this natural glow that comes from deep within the skin, though both brightening & glow stay put only for few hours.

If used regularly, I am sure this gonna be a boon for the skin with all those almonds & oats. You can get mild scrubbing action too owing to the almond & oat granules in the pack.

3. Mooligaa Amla Hair Oil

Well, I for one hate scented hair oils… thus end up not liking many oils in the market including the likes Navratna Tel, Baja Almond Drops, Dabur Amla, etc.

I was a little finicky about this one too.. but the scent is very-very mild.. that even scented-oil haters like me too won’t be bothered.

Plus it was lighter than I expected the oil to be.. another point to love!

It gets absorbed into the scalp & hair easily.. I leave it on for 30-45 minutes after massaging some of this warm oil & get it washed off.

The oil isn’t stubborn about leaving the hair too.. it washes off easily though you would easily need to use your shampoo twice to get rid all of it.

You can also follow up hair wash with Mooligaa’s Herbal Hair Wash like I did.. Review below! 🙂

I haven’t seen any change in my hairfall – probably prolonged use is the answer!

4. Mooligaa Herbal Hair Wash

Its been ages since I used a powder hair wash on me or for that matter anything that contains natural ingredients like this one.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti is one excuse may be (Review coming soon!)

I made a thick paste of this hair wash powder with water, rubbed this on my scalp & hair, but felt little more oil residue was still there to be removed.

One more round of this hair wash on my scalp/hair, got all the oil removed, plus you get this all-herbal, blissful fragrance around in the bathroom.. 🙂

The minus could be the shikakai powder here & there on your hair, when it dries.. you need to dust if off well to get rid of them.

My hair never seems to catch hold of any product’s fragrance after use – so I cannot really tell you how it smells post wash.

Yes, its a little drying on the hair.. but nothing that a serum can’t take care of. I did not use any conditioner along with this product, so as to reap the natural benefits.

So, all 4 products are really good & give that much needed break you need from routine chemical-based products from brands.

I did not experience any breakouts or skin irritation later with these products… these products have been priced great too & are good value for money.

Here is a list of all Mooligaa products available with price details – Mooligaa Products.

Like their Facebook page – MOOLIGAA to stay updated on their products.

Trivia – Mooligaa is Tamil for ‘Herbs’.

HnB Ed – Products send by brand for consideration. My review is honest as always.

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