3 Ways to Pack Your Skivvies for Travel

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I had a business trip to the US recently – hence outta the blogging scenario for a while now.  I am back now for good! πŸ™‚

This post falls in line with the earlier post I did on “8 Ways to Organize your Skivvies” – thanks to the amazing response for that post!

Travel + amazing response for a post = One more post on the same line!! πŸ˜€

Here I have 3 options for you to pack your lingerie when travelling –


This is the latest fad in the travel packaging segment! These look ultra-cute, nobody can make out what actually is inside them (unless they know about a cupcase of course!).

When you’re traveling, your molded bras can come along in these special cases. 

They can also be stacked up and placed in your suitcase with socks/stockings/hankies inside their cups so they won’t get dented. Place non-padded bras simply folded in them.

You can also save yourself from an embarrassing situation in case you have to shuffle things in public out of your baggage in public due to excess luggage/security check at the airport.

These are available for purchase from “The Container Store” at reasonable prices and yes..they ship to India now!


Every woman must already know what this is!

Not only are these ideal to organize your bras in the wardrobe but also chic and compact for travel purposes.

They are sleek and light-weight, plus come in various eye-catching design options to suit every one’s taste.

These are again available online from most China-based shopping websites and Groupon too.


The least attractive option of the lot, yet does whole lotta good!

A simple zipped rectangular pouch, this bag can hold good amount of your undies inside them and has pockets too.

There is no worry about over-stuffing this pouch unlike the previous two options and calls for the least attention when kept outside from the luggage too.

Again comes in various color options – you can assign one for used and one for new undies while packing.

Hope you liked this compilation too…. Let me know if you would like to see more of such posts to come your way! πŸ™‚

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